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Google Mail keeps bumping me off email...constantly. Help?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) May 5th, 2011

This is frustrating. I just responded yesterday to @augustlan who was having a similar problem.

However, my problem seems compounded, especially today. I do not have another gmail account opened at the same time. This is my main account and I write an email and attempt to send it, and then it says “Oops, your gmail has expired.” This means, I have to sign out and sign in again. I rewrite the email (or paste it back into the body of the missive) and once again “Oops sorry your connection to gmail has expired.” This has happened at least two dozen times this evening!! Once in a while, I might be able to get one email out, but the it would start again! I even closed all the windows….and still nothing…it did it again.


What is going on?? Anyone ever experience this? This is ridiculous.

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I’ve been having problems with Gmail although I’m not sure if my machine is just grinding very slow, a bad internet connection or Gmail itself. My chat connection keeps going in and out and it takes forever to send something.

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You may have picked up a virus. Try getting on and immediately changing your password. I have received at least 5 e-mails in the last three days asking me to verify my google account, telling me my account will expire if I don’t respond.These are definitely not from Google.

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You know Google owns everything? This happens to me when I’m logged onto Youtube under one of my two youtube accounts. They have to be linked to google now. One youtube account is on the gmail address that I check, the other account is linked to another email that is now registered as a google account. I didn’t even know this was the case until I had the opposite problem: not being able to log into one youtube account while on the other google account.

I’m sure other things besides youtube have this problem too. Are there things that you’re just always logged into that could be blocking it? Maybe something that was recently bought by google so you wouldn’t have encountered this yet?

Good luck. I hate computers.

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(Or maybe someone else is logged into your youtube/etc. acct.)

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If you open gmail and scroll to the bottom of the page, Last account activity with a details link is in fine type at the bottom of you in box listing. It will tell your if anyone else is logged on, and what the IP address is for each account log in.

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I had issues with Gmail all day yesterday. Booting me off, logging me out, constantly. It seems to have corrected itself now.

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Same here, except my issues seem to arise only when dealing with loading or responding to existing conversations. Sending and receiving new mail works as well as it ever did. Googling the issue returned 300,000 complaints about this with no real answers. I wonder if it has to do with a conflict with my smartphone’s access to the account.

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