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Is there a way to hide who/what you like on Facebook?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19044points) May 6th, 2011

If, say, I want to ‘like’ a couple of local businesses, but don’t want to advertise that to all my friends, is there a way to do that?

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It will show originally, but if you go to your page (not the feed) and click the little “x” next to the posting it will give you the option to hide all like activity. After that it will not show.

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Or….don’t use Facebook. One never knows, apparently, what’s showing and what’s not.

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@ANef_is_Enuf But I actually want the activity in my news feed, I just don’t want my aunt to know that I ‘like’ them.

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You mean you want to block it from specific people? Or that you want to see posts from the businesses, but you don’t want your friends to know who you’ve liked?
If it is the latter, than adjusting the settings from your profile page will do exactly that. Blocking that activity from specific people can’t be done, that I know of, without blocking them from your entire feed.

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@ANef_is_Enuf The second one. Ok, which setting(s) on the profile page?

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Not your news feed, but if you actually go to the top and click “profile.”
From there, find something that you’ve “liked”.. it should say something like ”(Your name) likes (whatever.)”

Go to the right of that post and a little X should appear. Click that and it will bring up a menu, one of the options will be to “hide all likes activity.” That means that you can like pages and see their posts, but no one will see that you have liked it.

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“I just don’t want my aunt to know that I ‘like’ them.”

My apologies if I’m being nosy, but what’s up with your aunt?

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@Brian1946 No, it’s not like that. She’s cool – it’s more what I’m liking.

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I’m so glad you asked this @MyNewtBoobs. I liked a link not too long ago and two seconds later someone started bitching about what I liked. I get bitched at enough here, I don’t need it on Facebook. Good god, I don’t do that to anyone on their Facebook wall. :/

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@jonsblond Yeah, what ^ she said.

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just hide their posts from your profile page or go into edit mode and edit friend and like and simply click the X and you will have unliked them.

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