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Why would my talking clock say that ten twenty ate the Prime Minister?

Asked by HungryGuy (15994points) May 6th, 2011

I bought one of those talking clocks today than announce the time when you press a button. I just set it up a little while ago at around 22.30 and it told me that ten twenty ate the Prime Minister. Why would ten twenty eat the Prime Minister, and what did the Prime Minister taste like?

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Prime Meridian. Sounds like Prime Minister-I guess.

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Yes, 10:28, the Prime Meridian, lol! Good call, @josie!

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This will go down in the anals annals as a classic frizzer.

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I also know why six is afraid of seven.

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because seven 8 nine :)

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Did the radio turn on at 10.28 and the first words heard on the radio were “the prime minister..”?

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Wow! It hasn’t been sent back to me for “editing” yet :-p I wonder where the mods are…

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I know why 77 is better than 69… you get 8 more

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