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If your username/avatar were a fluther award - what would it be for?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) May 6th, 2011

Herman Melville, Wayne Greet-sky – pshah. I want the Jeruba-perfecto-fish.

The Gailcalled would be for suddenly writing in Finnish for no reason. The Ratboy would be for a one-liner that not everyone always gets – buts always gets everyone.

Auggie – can I mention names here?

Oh, and the Auggie would be for kindness and sensitivity in the face of extreme stupidity and wrecklessness in a thread.

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The everephebe award, for whispering more than truly necessary.

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mazingerz88 for getting 88 great answers within 24 hours…

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I dunno about my username/avatar.

But the Jeruba would be the diploma of the Fluther Finishing and Charm school.

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And the Zen award would be for being suck in Saṃsāra, transmigrating frequently into other quite obvious reincarnations and never attaining lurve moksha.

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The Broken Heart award…won by answering 20 consecutive questions about love…

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Google couldn’t help me with suck in Saṃsāra


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“Saṃsāra (sanskrit: संसार;) literally meaning “continuous flow”, is the cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth or reincarnation within Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and other Indian religions.” Jimmy Wales

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Cool. I am so unzenlike I could die.

A buddhist walks up to a hotdog vendor and says make me one with everything.

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Also ”moksha (Sanskrit: मोक्ष mokṣa) or mukti (Sanskrit: मुक्ति), literally “release” (both from a root muc “to let loose, let go”), is the liberation from samsara and the concomitant suffering involved in being subject to the cycle of repeated death and reincarnation.” -Jimmy Wales

So lurve moksha is what you seek, but alas…

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@zen He hands the vendor a twenty and waits for his change, but the vendor gives nothing back, saying, “Change must come from within.”

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The jonsblond award for having a newbs back, or telling someone off for being an ass :P.

Be kind, please rewind

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The lolrus award.

For answering a question with one word and getting 5 GA’s.

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The hawaii_jake award.

For receiving 5 “I’m jealous of where you live” comments in a single thread.

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zenvelo would be for getting 100 GA for questions posed by seazen, zen, analzen and any other user name of that particular flutherite….

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^ While being someone else that is.

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The wilma award for having the best damn treehouse ever.

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I want the @wilma award. :)

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The @Mariah award would probably be for something like somehow finding a way to talk about both math and poopin’ in the same response. XD

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The Blueroses award for sudden increase in Fluther activity directly proportional with amount of alcohol consumed.

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one question @zen. “Wrecklessness”? Isn’t not wrecking considered a good thing?

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Given my current avatar…..(it changes all the time) i’m going to claim the mantle of site manager!!! Yeah, you heard me right. Maybe something along the lines of “ucme punk, you feeling lucky?” Watch yourselves, that’s all i’m sayin! Naturally i’ve no desire to enter into a bitter & messy power struggle with the current incumbent (Auggie) because, well….i’ll lose XD

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The Will Work For Chocolate award would be exactly that. A fellow jelly bribes you with chocolate and you work for it. :P

Or… you often mention chocolate and sex in the same sentence.

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Neizvestnaya basically means, I’m nobody. My award would be for people who create an account and either post just once or answer just once on the site.

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I like the Blueroses award. :D

The Symbeline award; I ain’t no boog3ym8n!!!1
For taking horror movies too seriously.

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The Lightlyseared award for saying something really stupid while still, technically, answering the question.

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The KatetheGreat

Getting 5 GA’s for being a complete dick but giving advice at the same time.

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The erichw1504

For being 90% sarcastic.

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The Kardamom award for being able to give thoughtful, helpful advice while at the same time using an analogy or video about The Nanny and then relate it all back to food and recipes.

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Mine would somehow be awarded for the practice of practicing safe sex.

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The rOs award for connecting one idea to the next ~ swingin from the trees…

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