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Anyone know where I can get a Betty Page Biography?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2725points) May 7th, 2011

Love this woman and want to read more about her. Do you know if there are any biographies written about her? Had a look on line but would rather read something done either by her on someone who knew her well.

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There is a store/art gallery in Los Angeles called La Luz de Jesus which is practically a museum to Betty Page. They have all sorts of kitchy things and memoribilia about all sorts of fun things like voodoo and surf culture and 60’s culture and rock and roll and pin up girls etc.

They have tons of books about Betty Page. I think if you contact them, they can order them and mail them to you. But if you live near L.A. or plan a trip there, this store is super-fun!

They also have other Betty Page related stuff, besides books, like photos, and dolls and keychains. If you contact the store, just ask them what else they have.

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@Kardamom Do they have a website as i am in the UK. And thanks for the info.

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I don’t think anyone who knows anyone well would choose to hang up a person’s life for all to see. Sometimes an objective view is best. Here are some links, you can get used copies for cheap:

Just type in her name on amazon. She got really religious in her last days.

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Did you ever see the biopic on her?

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@ladymia69 I did but never believe too much what they put in the movies, they have to edit a lot and make up a fair bit, all for the sake of ratings of course. I have read a fair bit about her from the Internet. Am looking at books on amazon also at the moment so I will look at those links also. Thanks.

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@Beccaboo There is a physical store, that also has a website called Wacko that is part of La Luz de Jesus Gallery. You can access it, if you click on where I wrote wacko. You can probably contact them by e-mail first, to see what they have and then you can purchase items online, that will be mailed to you.

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