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What's your favourite dessert?

Asked by MilkyWay (13650points) May 7th, 2011

Which sweet stuff do you croon over? What dessert makes your mouth water? What gives your sweet tooth pleasure?
I love all things sweet, but cheescake is my favourite :)
What’s yours?

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Peanut M&M’s. Okay, I know, I’m addicted. It’s usually my dinner and dessert.

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@KatetheGreat I love that! lmfao!

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@queenie Hehe. It actually turned out normal this time. ;)

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Marble swirl cheesecake drizzled w/caramel!

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Love creme brulee and flan.

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@KatetheGreat Oh sure, now that we want pictures it turns out fine. Go make another one so we can see what a babboon’s ass looks like.

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A slice of good key lime pie (that isn’t dyed green) and a cup of strong coffee with cream. It is decadence at its finest.

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@chyna I think it might be because of the new place I moved into. The oven here evens the heat out better though. It still has a slight weirdness to it though.

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peaches and cream with some pound cake.

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Mom’s peach cobbler
My Strawberry Cream Cake

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Brownie sundaes. :)

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Spumoni. Mmmmmmm ^.^

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—@Joker94 lol :)

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@queenie Oh my-! That looks orgasmic!

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CAKE! Yellow cake with chocolate icing. Mmmmmmm. Wedding and birthday cake (the traditional white/white kind) also make me happy!

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Blueberry yogurt with bananas and strawberries

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A smoke and some coffee.

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You already know the first one, but I’ve got several


Sticky Coconut Rice with Mango

Ginger bread (both the cake style, and the flat, chewy kind for making ginergread men)

Shortbread cookies (especially home made ones)

Cinnamon Rolls

Lemon Bars

Peanut butter cookies

Strawberry Ice Cream

Pie: pumpkin, blueberry open face with whipped cream, key lime, boysenberry with a criss cross crust and pecan

Peanut brittle

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Fruit salid.

Porifera's avatar

Chocolate mousse…

Kardamom's avatar

I always look like a big fat pig on these food questions.

I would never eat all of these things at one sitting, except maybe at the Casino buffets

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@Kardamom If I could have a meal with one person on Fluther, it would be you. You know your food stuff and I like it! :)

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I’m not a big fan of really sweet, so I love Tiramisu. When I was visiting my sister in Italy, I had this fantastic Tiramisu that was sweet, but slightly bitter, too, which doesn’t seem to exist back in the US, or at least not where I live…

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Beer is good.

Berserker's avatar

@Only138 Hell yeah lol. :D

Only138's avatar

@Symbeline You know it! Wish I had some dessert right now! ;)

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Lol. Here’s another gulpy cheers for you! :D

TexasDude's avatar

Tiramisu (or however you spell it)

MyNewtBoobs's avatar

Chocolate mousse, and almond toffee for a close second. mmmmmmmmmmm…..

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@Porifera Damn man. That looks totally awesome, but my teeth are all trying to escape after I looked at it. XD

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Oh man, I totally thought you were asking for my favorite desert. That would be the Antarctic ice barrens.

For deserts, that would be anything that has fruit in it, but particularly strawberry shortcake. And I mean the traditional stuff: A little angel-food cake, a healthy dollop of strawberries that have been marinading in their own juices for a bit, and topped off with Cool Whip.


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The Sahara?

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Silver Palate Lemon Cake
Race Day Pie (bourbon and chocolate – YUM!)
Bacardi Cake, Bacardi Cake made with chocolate cake, bourbon and chocolate chips

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A better way to phrase this would be “what desserts do you not like?”

homemade apple pie
homemade strawberry shortcake (made like my Grandma made it – banana cake, fresh whipped cream, fresh strawberries, tastes better the second day after a night in the refrigerator)
homemade tapioca pudding
rice pudding
shortbread cookies
chocolate chip mint ice cream
and my newest favorite cookies – Mexican Wedding Cookies

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Jam roly poly XD
I’ve never liked spotted dick, a bit of an aqquired taste.

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Death by chocolate.

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Peanutr Butter pie, apple crisp with vanilla ice cream or chocolate chip cookie dough frozen yogurt with reese’s and a chocolate cone

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Thanks @KatetheGreat! It would be so fun to have a Fluther potluck, doncha think?

We took my Mom to an Asian buffet for Mother’s Day and I almost ate my weight in food, ironically I only had 4 desserts which was 10 less than what I listed above LOL.

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Oooh. Toughie. I’m gonna go with a three-way tie between chocolate eclair cake, hot apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

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Add to my list:

Cannoli cake

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I have to say, a well made pie and some good vanilla bean is pretty damn good combo.

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@jca I love cannoli, but I’ve never heard of a cannoli cake? What’s that like?

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Chocolate walnut torte .yum

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@Kardamom: it’s a cake that has cannoli cream instead of frosting. it’s yummy. I don’t know where you live but I live in NY Metro area and it’s not uncommon here.

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@jca That sounds yummy.

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perfectly white cake smothered in vanilla buttercream frosting!

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