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Where can I find people with public relations agency experience looking for work in San Francisco?

Asked by woodford (6points) April 23rd, 2008

I need folks with hi tech PR Agency experience looking to make a move to another agency.

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You could try San Francisco….

itodd's avatar is a good placement agency with a strong mailing list. They might be able to help you.

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You could always scour linkedin

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I’m sorry. I just realized your new to fluther. I’m just getting a little tired of “Where can I find ____ in ____ city?” questions. I apologize for my rudeness. Welcome to fluther.

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Yeah, I am brand new to this. I will probably make lots of mistakes. I live in SF. I guess fluther is…world wide? USA? Anyway, hi!

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worldwide. Although feeling a little under represented on this side of the pond, but I’m trying to spread the word :)

Oh, and welcome!

jkwells1's avatar has an office in SF. You could contact their other offices and see if they have any candidates that are willing to relocate. Cheers!

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