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Simple me, am I one of the best things in life? Are you?

Asked by ETpro (34526points) May 7th, 2011

Joe Cocker said, “The best things in life are the simple things.” I’m pretty simple. How about you? Is it true that, “the best things in life are the simple things.”?

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I’m too complicated to qualify for this one, sorry…:)

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I am not that simple, although around here I may be regarded as such. Having said that, I may be one of the best things in some folks’ life.

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I’m simple, hate drama so yes, I’m a good thing.

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I don’t have time for drama and I don’t take time for it, so yes, I’m simple and lovin’ it.

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I like simple, with an occasional dose of complex to stimulate and confuse me. That’s why I come here.

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Yeah, don’t try to pull a fast one, @ETpro. You’re not simple. Not even close. I’m not saying you aren’t one of the best things in life (although your modesty is commendable), but you aren’t the best for being simple. Not by a long shot!

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I’m very simple; simple like a festering wound. :)

But for me, whether happiness is simple or complicated, it’s what one lives at the moment, rather than something you keep trying to find. Well, if that makes any sense. I mean people aren’t happy 24/7, if even ever. So I denno lol.

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sometimes I feel that simple, the rest of the time I feel like a mess that needs to be dealt with.. fast.

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My ideal day is hanging out in the park with a blanket, book, and 40oz of PBR on a warm day. I’m easy to please.

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@yankeetooter There is simply no reason to apologize. There are no wrong answers to a this.

@josie Funny think is my critics accuse me of being simple and addle-minded; but they refuse to acknowledge that makes me one of the best things in life. :-)

@chyna & @AmWiser If avoiding drama whenever possible makes one simple, I’m about as simple as you can get.

@JilltheTooth Well said. Same here.

@wundayatta I am a simple dynamical system working to non-linear equations that have been pushed far from equilibrium by multiple strange attractors. Isn’t that simple?

@Symbeline No, even the simplest of people ren’t happy 24/7.

@ninjacolin I can definitely relate to that.

@johnpowell Tha’t my idea of simple pleasures too. Thanks for the pleasant word picture.

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I will take simple over complicated any day of the week! The simpler the better! Skipping stones and flying kites are some of my favorite things to do! ;)

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@ETpro…I tack on “sorry” alot, but I didn’t mean it as if I had done something wrong in this case…it was more of a “I don’t fit into this category” thing. Sorry for the misunderstanding (just kidding, lol!)

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@yankeetooter Could you simplify that a bit? :-)

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No, @ETpro, sorry, but I can’t, lol!

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I’m pretty simple, but I think I need to be even simpler to be one of the best things in life, I’m too worried about foolish things that I miss the obvious grandeur in simplicity.

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@ddude1116 Copy that. :-(

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In some areas of my life I really appreciate the simple things, in others no, I don’t and while I might think I am fairly uncomplicated, not sure my husband would agree.

I think in relationships, simple honesty is always best though.

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I will take simple over complicated any day of the week! The simpler the better! Skipping stones and flying kites are some of my favorite things to do!

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No ones simple. Everyone has a story behind who they seem to be. Some stories have more to it than said but I think everyone isn’t that simple. So are we the best things in life? To have that quote apply, no but generally, yes, I think living and being able to interact with different kind of people is one of the best things in life.

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