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Where can I buy a retro pole lamp?

Asked by woodford (6points) April 23rd, 2008

Growing up my family had this pole lamp with three plastic shades: orange, blue and white. You could turn on one light or two or three. It flooded the room with whatever color you picked.

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Without knowing where you live, a more generic response is that I think your best bet would be an antique flea market, or possibly eBay. DWR has cool lighting.

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No. The shades were plastic, ribbed and if I could draw on this email I would. You would lift the plastic shade off, screw in a light bulb place the shade back in and turn on the light. It was so nice. I loved it. I live in SF. I have gone thru EBay to no avail. Thanks though

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Ok, perfect. You need to go to the Antiques by The Bay antique flea market in Alameda. It’s always the first Sunday of each month. It is truly amazing, and enormous. Though it costs more to go earlier, it’s well worth it. I bet you will see numerous examples of what you want, plus lots of other cool things you wish wouldn’t have seen.

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woodford: Sorry. The best I can do is suggest Googling keywords that describe the lamp.

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Do you need a retro dancer too?

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