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Did you go to a Kentucky Derby party?

Asked by josie (30931points) May 7th, 2011

Come to think of it, somebody I know, or I myself, usually has a KD party.
This year, nobody I know, including me, had one. Is that typical this year, or are me and my friends starting to get boring and less inclined to abuse ourselves?

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Could be the economy is bad and money woes are catching up to a lot of people. Or yes, you could just be growing up and less inclined to abuse yourselves. Hopefully, the latter is your excuse.:D

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I didn’t, but they had one at Hubby’s work, and he won Grand Prize for his ‘derby hat’, a paid day off.

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Yep, I did and it was a blast although my top choices didn’t win. My last minute $5 on Nehro to show at least bought the beer.

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