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Does anyone know about a magazine special issue titled "Blogger" or "Blogging"?

Asked by krrazypassions (1345points) May 8th, 2011

I saw a magazine with either “Blogging” or “Blogger” as its title on UK airport. It was probably a special issue of some regular magazine. It contained a lot of tips on blogging. It was kept along with several other magazines with titles like iPad, iPhone, Mix, Synthesis. I am unable to locate it using google. Does anyone know about it?

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I’ve seen it (even bought an issue, a while back) and it’s definitely called “Blogger”. Of course this makes it impossible to find in a google search and I can’t remember the name of the publisher. It was basically a magazine aimed mainly at serious bloggers looking to gain revenue from their blog. I wasn’t aware it was still running – last time I saw it was about 2 years ago.

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cool.. atleast one person other than me has seen it :D
the issue i saw (in the first week of May 2011) had many tips on maintaining of sites and various web-development tools besides lots of other blogging stuff.
Please do let me know about the publishers and any other useful lead incase you spot this magazine again. Thanks :D

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@krrazypassions I’ll look out for it next time I’m in town. Although the only shop I ever saw it in was Borders, and they’ve gone bust now. I did check to see if it was part of warner magazines (they do Writers’ Magazine) but it’s not on their list.

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