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Do you feel that Osama Bin Ladin changed the world?

Asked by manolla (795points) May 8th, 2011

I feel really sad to see how a single person with sick ideology changed our world into becoming a East Vs. West thing, when I see Muslims raising hell over his death and others celebrating the death of a human being, I feel that we are the same somehow.

I see where America is coming from with all this hatred towards the Muslims, but let’s just replace the word Muslim/Islam with “black people” and see where that gets us.

Not very nice sounding, is it? And yet we just are getting out of that mindset within the last 40 years.Racism is racism and there’s no justifying it..

After all these years and finally killing Osama Bin Laden, we have actually lost the war. We no longer have that intangible thing that made this country great.

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I am American and I have no hatred towards Muslims in general because of this persons warped concept of their religion. Yes Osama changed the world and not for good but its no different than when someone takes and warps a concept of religion no matter what the religion for their own gain such as what happened in Waco or what Jim Jones did. Yes he did it on a bigger scale with all he did but we as Americans have to take the blame for that because we trained him and gave him the weapons to do what he did.

You can’t blame or hate the masses for something a small group did when you yourself is to blame for what happened as well.

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Certainly not.

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He did change the world like any asshole in history would have changed it.

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There is no doubt Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda changed the world. We would never have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan had it not been for 9/11 and other terrorist attacks. Osama Bin Laden may be dead but the consequences of his actions will reverberate for decades or even centuries to come.

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I think people often confuse “America” with “The World.” He certainly changed America, but the world? Not so much.

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Yes, though not in a good way,
@laureth And yet, America is part of the sum of the whole that is The World. To change us is to change that whole, however slightly. Plus, travel is a pain now for everybody.

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@laureth :: People also confuse America with the United States.

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I don’t think he changed much. This “climate” has been here for 100’s of years. If it had not been him it would have been someone else.

The west and the middle east have not got allong too well ever since they found out the other existed.

Obviously his existence had some impact on the world, and things would have been different with other people and other situations, but I don’t think it would have been too different.

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He certainly had an impact on the U.S. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a direct consequence, as well as all the extra airport security. As for the attitude of the average American, I can’t say for sure. I know it has not changed my attitudes, but then I am opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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There’s no denying he certainly made an impact. All be it a heinous destructful one at that.

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You should re-examine your premises and do some more honest reporting. America / the USA does not have ”this hatred towards the Muslims” that you imagine. It doesn’t exist as a national thing. There will always be individual bigots and pockets of bigotry, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

I think that the Muslims ”raising hell over his death” are either the extremists in league with him or perhaps the Pakistani government, which has a legitimate beef over the “violation” of their sovereignty and an attack occurring without their permission and involvement. That will soon be patched up, as the Pakistani government is even more embarrassed by bin Laden’s presence (for three years?) without their awareness, so deep in the country.

There is no ”East vs. West thing” other than normal peaceful political and economic rivalry that exists (and should exist) for all time.

In fact, one of the things that makes this country so great was very much in evidence in this attack: the attack was focused on the single person considered to be so much at fault for much of the ongoing terror propagation. It wasn’t, and never will be, an attack on “all of Islam”. That’s part of the difference between bin Laden’s former modus operandi and ours, isn’t it?

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If you’re basing your perspective on media accounts or what you see on the internet, I would suggest you might be getting the wrong perception.

The media, for one, has a vested interest in promoting world events a certain way. And only the most outspoken people rush to post their views on the internet.

I’d be willing to bet the majority of people have no grievance…much less hatred for anyone. They’re much too busy trying to figure out how to get from one paycheck to the next.

If they have jobs.

But “quiet majorities” don’t sell newspapers, send ratings skyward or show up on “what’s trending now”.

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@WasCy Darn…wish I had said that…you articulate so and so…!

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@manolla, where are you from?

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Thanks for the your input everyone, most of the responses were very useful.

@creative1 Although I agree with most of what you say, I don’t think that anyone imagined what he would turn into when we were training him, I think that where we went wrong is when we didn’t do what we should have done to destroy him and his ideology.

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@quarkquarkquark I’m from the US, originally Korean. where are you from?

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@SABOTEUR you did, you just used different words.

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@manolla Oh I totally agree, we should have destoryed him when we saw he was turning on us.. You don’t wait until an apple turns the whole barrel rotten before you get rid of it you trash it and any that have been spoiled by it before they all go bad but we sat around waiting until it was too late.

Some how our government thought we were invinceable to him but we weren’t were we?? They sat around and just let him grow his cells, they heard what he was plotting and didn’t do a thing about it and let him do his worse to us and he did and the American people the paid price with their lives.

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