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If you have the money will you say Hello to space?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25921points) May 8th, 2011

Seems the dawn of space travel for ordinary terrestrials is here. From $2000 to $120,000 ticket price, will you launch if you have the spare dough?

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I think not now. I would have loved to when I was younger.

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I would wait to see how well it is tested for the normal people to use and how regulated it is, I wouldn’t want to get on a craft and have it fall apart because it was poorly put together just because I was in a hurry

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If I had the money to, I would. Then I could start every conversation with “Yeah, I’ve been to space. What have you done?”.

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I did a lot of LSD in high school.

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I probably would, I’ve been wanting to since I was about 3.

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Hell yeah.

I won’t go on ferris wheels but I’d do space travel in a second.

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I would but only on days when I’m being nagged by the girlfriend.

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I would so much rather earn the right to go (by being a scientist) but I’d do just about anything to get to space in my lifetime.

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No. I’m claustrophobic. I’d much rather lay a blanket down on the grass at night and stare at the sky.

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On the one hand, I think space exploration and colonization is essential if we are to keep the human race alive. Sooner or later there’s going to be a killer asteroid or super volcano or some other planet-killing disaster. I’m glad that private space craft and space tourism is getting a foot hold because that’s the first baby steps. We NEED to get all our eggs off this one very fragile basket, and SOON.

But I don’t personally see the appeal in going into space and living inside a tin can for vacation (if I was a scientist and had a reason to go, then I’d feel differently). I feel the same way about ocean cruises…it’s no different than just staying in a luxury hotel for a week…in modern giant ships, there’s no sense you’re on a ship and going anywhere. Although I think I would really enjoy visiting a research station in Antarctica for a week or so.

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Space? If I had the dough, I wouldn’t leave the house.

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I always thought that space was amazing, so yeah, I wish I could someday go there.

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First class all the way! :-/

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Yes. I grew up on science fiction. Asimov and Heinlein are household names here, living in space would fulfill a childhood dream that’s been overshadowed by my complete ineptitude for anything mathematic!

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Space, space, wanna go to space, yes please space, space wanna go to space.Space, space, going to space, oh boy. Going to space, going there, can’t wait, gotta go. Space. Going. Going to space, wanna go to space, space. I’m the best at space…

Portal 2 quotes aside, I think it would be mighty cool to go and I’d love to go. However, it would be very difficult for me to spend that much money on a trip, even an awesome one like this.

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