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What is the story behind these dance videos?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21648points) May 8th, 2011

I found a place on youtube, full of Japanese girls dancing to the same handful of songs, all with the exact same dances.

what is this? is it some form of karaoke or something?

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It’s probably girls making replicas of their favorite dance videos. Alternatively, one girl may have made a dance video for a popular song and other girls made videos of themselves after learning the dance. You can find American girls doing this, too. They stage their own version of a Britney Spears dance routine, or they create a routine for a video that doesn’t have one. Then other girls who like the dance learn it and post their own results. Sometimes it’s competitive, sometimes it’s just fun (girls who just want to dance or who really like inventing dance routines), and sometimes it’s just the human compulsion for mimicry. It’s nothing new. I had female friends who did this all the time back in the day. The internet just lets us share it with the world.

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The pope’s wet dream?

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@SavoirFaire That makes sense… a lot of them have obviously had loads of effort go in to them, and some of them even have real harsh down ratings or ratings disabled.

I suspected they where imitating anime dances or something.

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@ucme – Nah, son. Here’s the Pope’s wet dream. Phwoar!

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@aprilsimnel Could well be…..mum! :¬)

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Oh, it’s how the kids talk here, now. They all call each other “son” in casual conversation. Haven’t you watched The Wire? Mind you, it’s a bit more gritty than teenage Japanese girls dancing to a pop song.

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It might just be the Japanese equivalent of the Soulja Boy Crank Dat Hard dance youtube phenomenonm, maybe. I’ll see if I can get in touch with my freind’s daughter. She speaks and reads Japanese, is a little older than the girls on the video, and she is a total all things Japanese freak. She might know if there’s story behind it.

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It’s called “Para Para” dance – and every Japanese woman under 24 either does it, has done it, or wants to do it. Not fitting in that demographic, I can’t explain the allure. It is fun to watch though.
Now that you know the name you’ll find more examples than you can imagine.

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Way to go @worriedguy; you know everything!

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