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Mommies- what did your children do/get for you today?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) May 8th, 2011 from iPhone

Mine gave me money for a manicure! Woohoo!

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Mine spent time with me and just loved me and that was the best gift of all to me. They are 2 and 3 and really don’t know the meaning of mother’s day yet.

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Thank you, dear Johnny
For being my son
I did all your homework
I took you to prom
And you were the only guy
Who got lucky that night…

a slight adaptation of Stephen Lynch’s Mother’s day

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My son came in my room, wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, told me he loved me, and gave me a kiss.

My husband went out and bought me some donuts first thing this morning (which I’ve been craving quite a bit during this pregnancy) and gave me those, a glass of milk, and a card in bed this morning. He’s taking me out to lunch tomorrow as well.

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2 days of no cooking. Yeah! All very bad food (fattening) that I’m going to have to really work off this week. :( And I we went out to see Thor, in Imax.
We hung out yesterday and today and had a very relaxing and fun weekend. It was all very sweet and nice.
Unfortunately my son is too far away to be here with us.

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They gave me really sweet homemade cards and some awesome gifts: These prints (I collect miniature chairs) and a custom cookbook (made by one of my daughters) that is full of all my favorite recipes. I also got to eat the meal I requested, which was grilled cheese (Muenster on sourdough) and bacon sandwiches. Yummeh!

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My 6 and 7 year old boys gave me things they made at school for Mother’s Day. I also got a card from all three kids and one from my husband, plus a Pandora bracelet with one charm to start. I was really impressed with my husband for remembering I’d said I wanted one AND knowing exactly which style I’d prefer! We took the kids to see the art gallery where my husband’s work is currently being featured, had a wonderful little cookout for lunch, then I got to take an afternoon nap. It was a very nice day of spending time with my family and being spoiled!

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On Friday my sons preschool had a “muffins with mom” and my son gave me a potted plant..with flowers designed on it with his fingerprints as the petals.
Other than that, I did not get anything. Went out to brunch with my parents though.

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