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Having trouble cropping an (Details follow)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) May 8th, 2011

Hello…I don’t have Adobe Photoshop at the moment. I just need basic cropping occasionally and I am using Lunapic. I am attempting to crop a picture but am having trouble.

The photo is large. So, it is larger than my screen. The part I want to crop is also larger than the area visible on my screen. If you drag a cropping box, you cannot scroll down to get all the area, because the cropping box disappears or goes wonky.

How can I zoom out to get a smaller image on my screen to crop a picture——without shrinking the size of the original? In other words, just zoom out to see the full area to crop on the screen without affecting the original size? Is there a zoom in and zoom out feature on my computer/program that I can use? I use Firefox (not 4.o which is awful, the old one) and Windows 7.

Or if there is some other way…to get a crop box to work on an oversized photo (that is bigger than your screen) please let me know.

Thank you!

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You could try faststone image viewer’s crop function.
just zoom out, hold ctrl and drag the selection rectangle. then right click > crop

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If you are using Windows, Irfanview is a great free program if you simply want to crop. is a free near-Photoshop substitute.

Or Adobe Photoshop Elements is the Mac/Windows $70 version of Photoshop which does everything most amateurs need.

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@jaytkay…...Thanks for the answers.

I just want to be able to zoom in and out on my computer screen and still use Lunapic. I only need to crop this one photo for now and don’t want to use another program right at this second…if at all possible.

Do you know any way to simply zoom in and out on my computer screen to shrink the image?

(Lurve still coming for your answers..which I appreciate!)

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In Firefox, Ctrl- – (Control – Minus) or “View->Zoom->Zoom Out” in the menus zooms out any web page. It sounds like you are using a web application to do this, is that right?

Also, to restore the page to normal size it’s Ctrl-0.

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if your program does not support zooming out, then you will need another program

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@DarlingRhadamanthus, have you tried all the menus and options in your program and looked for things like a magnifying glass (left click and right click to go larger and smaller), a ‘view’ option, a percentage reduction, and everything else that could possibly refer to size of image? Some view and edit programs really are incredibly primitive, but there ought to be some way.

To get around the limitations, you might have to do it in separate steps: crop one dimension at a time, the one you can see. Take it down from the top and save (under a different name). Then take it in from the left. Etc.

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Ctrl or Cmd “0” (zero) usually fits the image to the screen size.

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I just tried the Ctrl—on Lunapic and it seems to work ok. HTH

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Why not download a copy of GIMP for your operating system. It’s free, GNU license software and it’s a fabulous image editor with lots of useful capabilities.

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I find GIMP is overkill for many tasks and I find IrfanView annoying for a variety of reasons.

My weapon of choice is XnView

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Go low tech and use Paint? Or Powerpoint? Or Word? Or a combo? Crop in Word then paste into Paint to restore original size

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When setting it as your background just choose “Fit to screen”, it will make the image the same size as your screen.

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You may go to this post about how to Crop, resize, resample Photoshop Elements

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I use XnView for such things. It’s comparable to IrfanView, but I find it a little simpler and a lot less annoying.

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You can use google’s picasa software which is good one to use and has lots of function which can used by any person. If the resolution of image is very high than zoom out the image and croo it.

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