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Skilful photo editing or actual medical condition?

Asked by paulc (2919points) April 23rd, 2008

I did something thoughtless and searched for “creepy” on Google images. The second result I got was (SFW but if you’re grossed out easily its probably best to avoid it) this photo of two fingers which I found a bit disturbing. I’m pretty sure this isn’t real but I’m also never really sure of anything. What do you think?

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lmao, photomanip.

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It’s hard to tell if it is real or not, but I have seen diabetic ulcers that look very similar to that. I just don’t know how that person would get it on his fingertips, unless they are non healing burn wounds. It almost look like a gangrenous wound, but it’s a little too neat for that. My guess is that’s a phony.

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Ok my co-worker got really involved in searching for the truth of this photo and as I thought its a fake but damn, creepy. Lamprey mouths on your fingers, who comes up with that? This is burnt into my mind now. Sorry for sharing.

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@shilolo good job!

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