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Firefox Jellies - Has the look and feel of Fluther changed for you as well?

Asked by mattbrowne (31643points) May 9th, 2011

In my browser everything looks completely different compared to last week. The formatting of text and buttons for example seems really messed up. The screen layout and font sizes are quite different too.

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Mine looks just the same.

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I’m running a new version of FF as well, I’m certain that’s the cause.

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The look and feel of Firefox has changed quite a bit but my Fluther page itself seems the same. Can’t find anything different.

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My fluther is the same, but when I upgraded to Firefox 4.0, I couldn’t get on the internet with it. I had to uninstall and go back to the older version. I guess that they are having quite a few problems with FF4.0.

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I checked mine and it looks the same on a mac running FF 3.69 which I believe is the latest. I’ve had a lot of problems with FF the last few upgrades, it just seems sluggish and buggy, so I don’t use it any more, wish I could so I use Safari on both my mac and my pc.

Did you install any new add-ons that might have changed the look of some sites like Fluther?

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I got this

Gecko/20101203 Firefox/3.6.13

and Fluther doesn’t format properly with buttons hiding text etc.

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Hold down ‘Shift’ while you reload the page.

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FF 4.0.1 No changes in page display.

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I just have to say in your face people who say firefox is flawless XD

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Same for me…I have chrome, that’s probably why.

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When I downloaded Firefox 4, I noticed all the fonts became “fuzzy”. It’s a known issue that they have yet to fix. Just another reason to switch to Chrome. I used Firefox for years, but that fuzzy font issue was the turning point for me…

(Using Firefox 4 right now, I can see fuzzy fonts on Fluther, but I don’t notice any other problems).

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@XOIIO I have never, ever known someone to say Firefox was flawless. Better, tons, but flawless, zero.

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@MyNewtBoobs I’ve had some people preach to me about why it’s perfect.

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@XOIIO ..I can see where people might find Firefox an improvement over IE or browsing with AOL (both suck worse than Firefox in my humble opinion)..but certainly it’s not perfect.

@mattbrowne – I’m at 3.6.16 ..and Firefox is, as I type, attempting to download and install 3.6.17 (whether I like it or not).. and I recently saw changes, not just at Fluther, while using Firefox.

I went and adjusted all my preferred fonts (and bumped up the font size to something crazy like 12 or 14pt)—and now pages look “normal” to me again.

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Yes. That’s because Firefox just upgraded itself to 4.0.1 a couple of days ago.

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I haven’t had this problem yet. Try clearing your cache and restarting FF.

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@augustlan – That was it. I just cleared my cache and restarted FF. I wonder what suddenly triggered the problem. The page layout really looked weird.

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@mattbrowne Bad Ju-Ju will cause it.

Sometimes it just gets corrupted and needs a full restarted ( and get rid of bad Ju-Ju ).

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Yay! My stock answer worked! :)

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Let’s promote @augustlan to Super Senior Mod.

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Yes, @augustlan is our yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega, super cool Senior Mod. Thanks again !!

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For the record holding down ‘shift’ while you reload the page clears the cache for the domain you are on.

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I didn’t know that. You constantly teach me new things, JP.

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Thank you @johnpowell – that was useful new info to me, too!

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