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Best way to share photos from iPhone?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) April 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

What do you use to upload and share photos? I’m thinking of using flickr and I have .mac, but what’s the simplest and best thing you’ve found for getting photos online from your iPhone?

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from the phone? hmmm, i’d chuck em into iphoto, and then either .mac photo share, or use the flickr uploadr to get it online

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Use the folder organizer / synchronizer built into the iPhone.

^ What he / she said.

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you know im too much fixated on brests and women in general to be a she..bree :p

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Actually iwa, you could be one of these.

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oh man, i love that video! but no, im more like this

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Thanks lads, although I’m more after a way to go straight from the phone…without connecting to a mac first. The emailing tool for flickr is so-so because I have 3 accounts on here….

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