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Hanging hats on a wall (decor). Your thoughts?

Asked by Jude (32098points) May 9th, 2011

I have a 1940’s Fedora and a 40’s Burgundy felt wool hat. I want to hang them on the wall (diagonal). Have you ever seen anyone do this?

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I have my late hubby’s hat he played cowboys and Indians with when he was a child hanging on the go for it!

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I think I would love it. It depends on how easily cleaned the hats are, though. I would be worried about them collecting dust over time.

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Just do it. Who cares what anyone else does?

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I once stayed in a house that had an entire hat collection on a multi tiered hat rack on the wall by their entrance.

It was an absolute blast when folks would come to visit because they would grab any silly hat and walk right in without missing a beat.

Plus the folks had an really eclectic style throughout their house so having the abundant hats worked for them.

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I’ve seen a couple of people hang hats on a wall, as well as shoes. People like accesories and presenting them. I think it would be kind of cool.

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Your wall. Your hats. Do you like the look?

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@gailcalled I bought them off of Ebay the other day. I haven’t received them, yet. We’ll see how they look.

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The only time I can recall that I have seen hats used as a decoration, Is at a sports bar hear hear that has loads of different team hats on the walls.

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I haven’t seen it done, and I wouldn’t like it, but as others have said, it’s your wall, so if you like it, go for it.

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I have a beautiful Mexican sombrero on my family room wall. I have decorated the whole room in western/southwestern decor, so it fits right in and looks great.

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I’m a hat whore myself, and used to hang my hats on the wall years ago when I lived in a cool little 30’s bungalow in the downtown area of a big city.

Go for it, I think it’s a great idea!

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It’s a neat idea. When my Pop’s retired we hung his hard hat on the wall of the sunporch. The hardhat was a custom gift with his name and rose painted on it. After he passed, we hung 2 more of his favorite hats which were unique to him (a pandora and a straw hat). We think our wall is great because it holds some of the things/projects that are unique to each of us. Mine is the wood ducks I carved in 7th grade woodshop.

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A lot of dusting

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@thecaretaker Two hats. Take them off of the wall (they’ll be on hooks), and dust ‘em off. Easy.

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I used to wear alot of hats and had a wall in a spare room that I used to hang them on.That was not a good idea if you ever want to wear them. They will get dusty and the felt ones will aquire alittle bump where the hanger is.Straw seemed to hold up better.It must have been the lighter weight Psst….I know a good antique store with some very interesting hats :)

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@lucillelucillelucille pm me with the deets on the antique store. Thanks! :)

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I used to occasionally pop into a little cafe out in a god-forsaken part of West Texas, a ghost town, really. For decades, customers from all over had left gimme caps, which the owner then hung on one big wall of the cafe. The wall had been pretty much covered with caps.

One time I went in and all the caps were gone. I asked the owner why, and she said they had discovered that scorpions were nesting in them.

I know you’re in Canada, so scorpions shouldn’t be a problem. I’d watch out for beavers, though.

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Here is the Fedora.

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It seems kind of weird to me, but that shouldn’t matter. It’s your house. I’d probably use hat stands.

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I keep mine in a closet to avoid dust collection, but sometimes my aesthetic sense suffers at the hands of my utilitarian, so don’t pay me no nevermind. ;-p

It certainly can’t be said that your sense of decor is off the wall, so go for it!
It’s better than mounting your hats on a mobile suspended from the ceiling.

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@Jude I collect antique ladies’ hats. I love them. I started with my grandmother’s and mother’s church hats and it exploded from there. Hatboxes too! I had hats hanging in my powder room once. Before that, I have hung them on a dining room wall and a bedroom wall in different homes. My husband isn’t crazy about them. But I’ve gotten all sorts of nice comments and had many wonderful discussions because of my hats.

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Go for it—and maybe buy one more to coordinate (I just prefer odd numbers in decor). I’ve seen chairs hung on walls as decorations, Shaker style, and lots of other unconventional things hung on walls (wheels, miniatures, old tools, old albums, you name it…) I think the trick is to make sure it aesthetically goes with the rest of the room somehow.

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@linguaphile that’s why I hung my hats in smaller rooms. The powder room looked the best.

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I think it’s a great idea. I have a lot of hats that I thought would look great on a wall but I never had enough wall space for them. 2 may become 3 or 5 and you can arrange them in more interesting groupings.

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@jude did I mention the occational spider hiding out in the hats?

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I’ve got a 1914 pith helmet and a 1918 British army helmet hanging on my wall. Looks pretty snazzy.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Not surprised, my friend. :)

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Sounds like this is a common thing for people to do, collecting hats and hanging them on the wall, wouldnt it be cleaner to build a display case for these hats?

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@thecaretaker I have a small space to fill (to the left of my t.v.). Two hats/diagonal. No big deal.

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As a teenager, most of my friends and I collected vintage clothes and would hang the hats on a wall.

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I think two of anything a great start to a Collection…so pick a space…even the empty area between the ceiling and top of window…or the bedroom…bath…and start collecting! I would think a hat collection would like nice in an entry foyer especially! Some day then, have a HAT PARTY…People love to have a reason to express themselves and we all need to have some fun especially THESE days! (Most people have a hat of some sort.) Cheers.

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@Jude My Grandfather had a 40s style hat, I dont know what it was called, Frank Sinatra often wore the same style hat, at 90 years old he would walk 5 miles into town wearing the same hat and always bought the same two items, a big box of Quaker Oats and a playboy magazine, sometimes penthouse.

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I love hats! There. I’ve said it. My name is @bkcunningham and I love hats.

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Without peeking at the Sinatra site, I believe he wore a fedora.

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You looked @gailcalled! Come on. Admit it. ;)

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I was old enough to listen to him on the radio and then watch him on the early black and white TV’s. And you know me, kid. I know what I know, and I know what I don’t know.

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Yep, that was the same one except Grampas was a tan color, the style amongst farmers.

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