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What's you favorite song of The Beach Boys and will their music ever fade away?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) May 9th, 2011

I was listening to an oldies station and only caught the tailend of a Beach Boys song I had not heard before. Can you believe that? My pc help me to locate this song and I have played it over and over again. It’s DARLIN’, a great song of the 60s. Question: will the music of The Beach Boys ever fade away? They are as popular today as they were in the 60s. How can this be? And, what is your favorite song recorded by The Beach Boys?

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I like “I Can Here Music”. I’m sure, like the Beatles, their music will be recognisable for a while to come.

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I think just about everyone can associate their song In My Room with a time period in our lives and that bedroom we finally got to decorate ourselves at home. Whatcha think?

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“Help me Rhonda”

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My very favorite is In My Room.

I think the secret to their ongoing popularity is the timeless writing of Brian Wilson and the themes that resonate with teens.

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I like “I Get Around”.

Their songs will probably fade with time, leaving only the main hits.

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I live in L.A. and the Beach Boys are staple music here, no matter the age. They are constantly on the radio.

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice

It’s just such a feel good, the future’s bright kind of song… that’s probably my favorite, though it’s almost impossible to pick just one.

I love I Get Around, another one that just makes me feel good, and Fun, Fun, Fun… too

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My mom loved the Beach Boys. She took my sister and I to a concert at Madison Square Garden when we were 7 and 9 (more or less, not 100% sure exactly how old we were). It was too loud for us, but my mom was dancing in the aisles LOL. I used loved Barbara Ann when I was little.

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My Little Duce Coupe hope I spelled it right. Probably not.

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I lurve this vursion of I Can Hear Music.
The actual vursion starts at 0:24.

I think the Boys’ popularity has faded somewhat, but the only circumstances where their music would probably fade away, would be ones that eradicated human civilization.

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“Good Vibrations” and “Sail on Sail on Sailor.” Though “God Only Knows” is pretty fantastic.

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“God Only Knows”. I don’t know how long their popularity will last. Mostly you just hear them on oldies radio now, and at the beach.

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Don’t Worry, Baby.

I like how the end is left sort of ambiguous and you wonder what happened to the kid singing after the song’s over.

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Girl Don’t Tell Me with Good Vibrations coming in a close second. That being said, every song on this thread is a work of art if you ask me. There are those who argue that Pet Sounds on of the best rock albums ever recorded. I saw The Beach Boys in concert shortly before Carl Wilson died, still one of the best concerts I have ever seen. What I would have given to see them with Dennis. I believe their music is timeless and as long as parents like me insist on playing it for their kids, it will live forever.

When Wouldn’t it Be Nice came out in 1991 I went to a book signing. It made me sad to see Brian Wilson, he was so strung out and fried. I didn’t understand a word he said to me and when he signed, his entire signature didn’t even land on the paper. I hope Brian is doing better these days.

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I like Good Vibrations and I doubt their music will fade away.

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No, I doubt their music will fade away—new singers continue to do covers of their song, so old becomes new all over again.

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