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What are some topics that I could write about for this essay on Fascism?

Asked by JessK (599points) May 9th, 2011

I just need to make a point. We’ve been learning about WWII and my topic is fascism.

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You can write about how the economic downfall in Europe helped fascists rise into power quickly.

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You can talk about racism and how it was the norm in the fascist countries or the connection between masculinity and fascism.

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You could talk about how people accuse others (perhaps current politicians) of being fascists any time the politician does something they don’t like, and how this isn’t really fascism.

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You could write about the appeal of fascism and why at certain times people find it attractive.

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The role of propaganda and how easy it is to draw people in.

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How fascist political parties use violence to eliminate rivals and to scare everyone else into complying with their plans.

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You could write about the awkward relationship between capitalism and fascism. Some fascists were pro-capitalist. Many others were anti-capitalist. In the end, they all had to accommodate big business in some way to keep their power.

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The role and impact of fascism in America.

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@Rarebear That’s what I was thinking. Sinclair Lewis warned, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” No less than Mussolini explained that “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.

Look up Fascism in Wikipedia and note the parallels in demonization, union busting, corporatism, extreme nationalism, militarism, appeals to racial superiority, persecution of homosexuals and minorities, propaganda and big lies, union busting… It would be interesting to see where there are parallels.

@MyNewtBoobs Not all politicians are blowing smoke when they call political demagoguery out as drifting toward fascism. The people they say this about are often guilty of calling all liberals and progressives communists, socialists, elitists with no concern for the common people, misguided idiots, effete intellectuals who are afraid to serve their country and are unpatriotic… See what I mean.

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@ETpro Not quite sure “they’ve been called really bad names themselves” makes them any more correct.

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@MyNewtBoobs Political demagoguery and thugish rhetoric is right out of the fascist playbook. Calling it what it is is no sin. And it’s fair game to to call out anyone who spreads the Big Lie attack as if its truth. It’s perfectly fair to criticize a politician of any stripe with lables that are true. It’s a whole different game to demonize a person or who class of people using the Big Lie strategy.

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@ETpro You’ve just described all politics, ever. Not what makes fascism special, but more what makes a politician a politician.

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@MyNewtBoobs That is simply not true. That’s the defense mechanism those who love the thuggish approach always triot out. It’s pure moral relativism from people who often spend much of their time decrying moral relativism.

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@ETpro Would you care to back that up with any kind of evidence, or just keep going on with your rhetoric? Throwing around terms like “political demagoguery” and “Big Lie” doesn’t convince me any more that you’re correct, just that you’re really adamant about your opinion.

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Have a look at the world through the Eye of Newt.

And President Obama is the most radical President in history.

Newt thinks Obama defends terrorists.

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