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To GTA IV, or not to GTA IV, THAT is the question.

Asked by fortris (683points) April 23rd, 2008

I cannot decide, I have never owned a GTA game, but I did love Saints Row and Crackdown (meh for crackdown actualy). But if I AM getting it, CE or regular? For 360 (if there is some reason that is affected by console)

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well, im getting a 360 copy from my boss, so for me it’s a now brainer, but well, if you’ve never played or owned, there’s not a big point in getting LE, i mean, a lot of inside jokes etc. if you liked SR more than CD, you’ll love GTA IV

i personlly liked CD better, the whole design, and the whole “not trying to be a bad ass white boy gangster” not to mention the “shhould i shoot him, or throw a car on him” gameplay…it’s just a very very good game!

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The reason I want the LE is because of the safty deposit box and duffel bag.

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but, is it just to show of, or is it because you’ve always loved the whole GTA style? like the booklets with references to for instance the funny radio shows, reapearing characters etc. or is it realy to get your hands on a duffel bag?

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more the saftey deposit box

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does it have to be a GTA IV deposit box? or just A deposit box? don’t get me wrong, if you want the LE, then get the LE, but is it realy what you want? i mean, when you’re asking you’re surely having some sort of doubt, so sit down, and think it over

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I’m going 360 style on the game! If you like saints row, you’ll like GTA.

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Saints Row is a pathetic excuse for a game. Picture every media stereotype of the ghetto and minorities mashed into a grotesque shape and wrapped in an MTV marketing bow. Its not even worth mentioning in the same breath as GTA.

Crackdown had a bit going for it but felt so much like a GTA clone to me. The concept of levelling up your dude to become superhuman was pretty cool but the world didn’t seem very interesting after you had gone as far as you could go.

The GTA series, on the other hand, is brimming with clever dialogue and scenarios not to mention being genuinely challenging games. There is always social commentary woven into these games which is something that can’t be said for their mimics. GTA is a totally satyrical, funny and really well thought-out series so I would highly recommend it to wash out the muck that Saints Row may have discharged into your brain.

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WOAH! Way to fly off the handle paulc. I never said it didn’t have stereotypes in it, its just a fun game. And to my best knowlage, GTA has a lot of similar gameplay. That’s what I meant, plus, I didn’t even buy it! I just played the demo!

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Your NOT helping Grim.

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sure he is, instead of typing ”@paulc: great post man”, he decides to go for the “you think i wrote something down but didn’t” aproach, anyway, we can’t help you, only you can decide for yourself,
i mean, otherwise it’ll be questions like “cheese of peanutbutter?: hey guys, i have this sandwich on my plate, but im not that sure what to put on it, what’s your advice? please hurry, im hungry”

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Huh? What the hell did you just say? First off, Paulc’s responce was more of a hate speech to a game I mentioned than a answer to the question I asked. An then grim’s responce was just spam. I never said that it had ANY moral values, but it was a very similar game (in every review they said it was a GTA clone) Secondly, I was asking if the GTA series is something that’s forgiving to newcomers (I should have made that more clear, actualy) Meaning, if you have NEVER played an actual GTA game, can you just buy one and not be lost? Do they have any linked story elements that Iwon’t get? Andt doesn’t even matter now because I already reserved it.

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@fortris, if you read my response carefully you’ll see that I am, in fact, answering your question on whether or not to play GTA but I also chose to add some personal opinion.

Also, if you compare your actual question and description with what your last reply here says, you’ll see that they’re not exactly the same thing.

Your original question is more or less asking:
“Should I get this game and which version should I get?”

Whereas now you’re saying your real question was:
“Is the game easy to get into for beginners, but please for the love of god do not give me any opinionated answers that may actually give me more information.”

You can’t ask a question, change it later then bitch because all the answers before you changed it don’t fit your new one.

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I already admitted I sould have included that in the details, but the original questions still remained. Also, if you had read my last responce more carefuly, it said “Paulc’s responce was more…than a answer to the question I asked” Not that it didn’t answer it at all. Also, for an “opinionated answer” it got off topic, meaning it was opionated about something I didn’t ask about, thereby just being an opinion of something else. And what exactly did I bitch about? Because it seems most of your answer was bitching out Saints Row.

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