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When do you find you Fluther the most (mood/emotion wise)?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) May 9th, 2011

I’ve been super busy the past few weeks and I check in briefly but haven’t had time to read questions. I’ve been a little down the past few days and have found myself taking the time to sit here and read. Maybe it’s a distraction, I don’t know, but it’s certainly comforting.

So it got me wondering, do you find yourself here more when you’re happy? Excited? Sad? Lonely? When?

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Pretty much in any mood.

I’m addicted.

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Usually bored or feeling relaxed. If I’m any of the other emotions your mentioned than I’m usually to distracted to bother. Sometimes when I’m angry but then I try not to stay long because I can let it affect my answers sometimes.

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Probably when I’m bored. Or just in general sometimes.

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I’m pretty much here no matter what mood I’m in. How much I respond depends on my mood though because sometimes I just don’t feel like answering questions. In those cases, I usually follow the question so that it keeps popping up with each new answer in case I feel up to answering it later on.

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I usually Fluther most days. I do it less when I am feeling short-tempered or annoyed.

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I’m usually feeling lonely or bored or worried about something. But I have to admit, I come on here every day because it’s addictive. This website should come with a warning man!

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@queenie : Don’t you mean a “warming” man? That would be more fun. Especially in winter.

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@JilltheTooth lol! that would be nice too :)

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Recently, when I’m bored in school I’ll try to go on it. Try to, since my battery is horrendously short. Otherwise, any mood, really. But, hey, at least it’s productive.

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@JilltheTooth yes this site should come with a WARMING MAN that would be so so nice to be cuddled up next to while answering questions

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I post in no particular mood, I have posted in all sorts of moods and find the site is a way to escape the reality of life for a moment though

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I Fluther the most when I am in what I call “The Zone.” To me that means I’m not depressed or anxious or distracted or even elated. I guess a better way to put it, is when I’m feeling on a more even keel.

If I’m in a bad mood, sometimes even the food questions don’t interest me and I feel like I might snap at someone (doing something stupid or harmful to themselves) on the relatonship questions so I just stay off of them, until I’m back in the Zone.

If I’m feeling a little too giddy, I am not as likely to give as much time or attention to the serious questions. Gotta be in the Zone.

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When I’m bored, but also when I’m sad and need to vent, but not to let any of my “real life” friends see.

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When I have a certain amount of peace of mind.

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Hmm. well right now I’m kind of ecstatic…

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