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What is your best idea that you never brought to reality?

Asked by jasonwiese55 (620points) May 9th, 2011


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The duct tape book. My husband and I joked about it for years, and then someone did it.

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Duct tape book?

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A cone shaped mesh made out of chain link fence material to mount over the intake of jet engines…

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Living in a harem.

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Various ideas for screenplays, short stories or novels.

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A casual restaurant or food truck that makes filled turnover-like items from different areas of the world such as British pasties, African sambusas, Indian Samosas, South American Empanadas, Polish pierogies, Japanese gyoza and such (with both meat and vegetarian versions of each item) with various dipping sauces.

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V-neck pants.

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Oh, I think that would have to be the past-life registry: you pay a handsome fee to have a sample of your handwriting put on record, together with a message and/or artifact intended for your future self, and stored in perpetuity. The guaranteed service is that when you (anyone) comes to do a search at some future time, you’ll be notified if there’s a handwriting match, and then your former self’s past-life identity will be revealed to you, along with the message and artifact.

So if you use the service to search among the handwriting samples of the registered deceased and there’s no match, you have to pay; but if there’s a match, you’ve already paid, so there’s no further charge.

Because of course if you are the same person, reincarnated, your handwriting will be the same.

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The riding vacuum cleaner with onboard tools and with optional accessories such as the forklift for lifting and vacuuming under furniture: couches, armchairs, beds, etc. and the front loader and/or towable cart/trailer for picking up after the kids, the husband, whatever. :-)

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Chocolate fireguard. An ingenious idea I chewed over for a little while. Alas, my enthusiasm just melted away after only a brief dalliance.

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@ucme I certainly don’t think that this idea is dead in the water. Best case scenario: imagine next to every encased fire extinguisher or fire hose there was similarly an encase Hershey bar and it read: “In Case of Chocolate Emergency Break Glass.” It’s a million dollar idea. There are a few, more than a few glitches though, like getting the authorities involved and enforcement. I could see just a tremendous number of false alarms from people too lazy to drive or walk to their local store, or people who failed to plan for the day that they might have an uncontrollable craving for chocolate or people who fail to put the effort into ransacking their homes because they are almost certain that there is at least one piece or bit of chocolate left over from Halloween or Easter or Christmas or Valentines Day lying around here somewhere, I just know there is maybe I saw that little bag of Reeses Pieces in my junk drawer or maybe there is one mini Snickers bar in the back of my freezer and was I imagining it or did I see half a Mounds bar under my bed the other day….

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Spaghetti shoelaces, another with potential. Imagine athletes sprinting pasta their opponents, poor buggers would never ketchup! That last gag was brought to you by :¬)

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A collection of photos of iron railings, drain grills and grates and other street ironworks that are all over Edinburgh. There are some really interesting designs out there.

I don’t really have such good ideas do I?

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@Stinley Those photos sound wonderful. I love that kind of thing. I take a lot of pictures of sections of stained glass windows and mosaics. I also take macro (close up) photos of odd things that I find on the ground, like a twisted leaf and a bunch of little stones that “look” to have been staged, but aren’t. I call them miniature landscapes.

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@Kardamom Think I’ll get my camera out. i like photographing odd things – like a leaf that was on the roof of our tent last summer that looked like a bird. What can you do with these pics though?

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Building an interstellar spaceship. For real.

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@mattbrowne PLEASE. Please bring this to fruition.

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He already has. The ship’s called Perennial and he’s made two of them.

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@AstroChuck – Now we only need Jonathan Krantz’s secret funds and hire the project team ;-)

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