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Have any jellies ever made/used a camera obscura?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) May 9th, 2011

I am thinking of making a camera obscura as a project with my boys. I found directions online but I am wondering how hard it is to make one and have it work. Also is there a simple way to use it to actually take pictures? Do any jellies have experience in this area?

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You might check with FiddlePlayingCreoleBastard. I am sending him a PM to check your question.

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If you are interested in recording photos, Google about for ‘pinhole camera’. I’m not sure where the line is between a camera obscura and a pinhole camera.

I’ve made a camera for indirectly observing the sun from a cardboard box. Punch a hole in one side, point that side at the sun, and look inside to see the image of the sun projected onto the opposite box wall.

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A camera obscura is typically used to view images, not to record them. I think you may be thinking of a pinhole camera, as @jaytkay said. I’ve made one before with good results. This is the one I made.

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Technically, could one make a video-camera obscura?

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I used to work at the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh a long time ago. Just wanted to tell you that as it doesn’t often come up in conversation! Have nothing useful to add, except that their website has a page: “Make your own”, looks a bit basic, no instructions for a video camera obscura…

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The only one I have experienced is the giant one behind the Cliff House restaurant in San Francisco.

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@zen Technically, could one make a video-camera obscura?

If guess that would be a video pinhole camera. Voila! – Video Pinhole Camera

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I visited one last year. It was a temporary structure and as I recall, nothing about it seemed difficult to put together. Since it doesn’t “Stop” or record images, it is a moving picture. It was cool.

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