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Where can a person buy books by the pound to resale?

Asked by drjhh (7points) May 9th, 2011

Is there a place on the west coast?

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are you looking to export them out of the US or resell inside the US?

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Check with some of the local libraries. When they get new books in they often need to sell some of the old ones to make room for the new.

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@bea2345‘s link couldn’t have been more spot on, certainly but @WestRiverrat suggestion is very much worth looking into also, checking with your local libraries. One of the libraries in my area holds a 3 day used book sale twice a year. The sell books, posters, CD, tapes, books on tapes and CDs, DVDs all sorts of stuff. Some of it is donated and some culled from their collection. There is a preview day for card carrying, dues paying “Friends of the Library,” they get first dibs on the good stuff; day 1 and 2 are open to the public and day 3 is “Buck-A-Bag Day:” any amount, number and poundage of books, of what’s left that you can stuff into a standard brown paper grocery bag costs you a buck and that’s quite a few pound of books for just a dollar. My MO is that if, on Buck-A-Bag Day if I can find one book that’s worth a dollar to me the rest of the bag is basically free so I always find a few more that I might as well get. I would take all the books if I room and the time to read them but since they are basically free I can at least take the time to take them home and decide whether or not they belong in the “permanent collection” before I pass them on…

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Maybe your local recycling center? They might even give them to you for free.

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