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What are the best wii games that use wiiconnect24?

Asked by quirkyman (4points) April 23rd, 2008

I’m looking to get into using my Wii to play online video games with friends of mine in another city. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of WiiConnect24 games?

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mario kart wii, super smash brothers brawl, pro evo, that’s the fasted i can think of, but to be honoust, do you realy need fluther for this?

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@iwamoto – Is this really any worse than your “Kramer on Frasier” question?

Metal of Honor: Heroes is pretty fun to play online, as is Guitar Hero.

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actually I’ve looked on a bunch of sites and used Google and haven’t gotten any good results.

So I figured why the heck not?

Thanks for your responses!

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Doesn’t appear that Nintendo keeps a good database of their game attributes.

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Super smash bro’s brawl, period.

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brawl lags alot. To many people don’t have good connections. It is fun though. Also try mario strikers charged

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Super Smash Bros: Brawl!

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Turns out it helps to search correctly. “WiiConnect24” was a bad search string. but “Wi Fi Wii” got me a good site: Thanks for all your contributions.

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