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For just once in your lifetime, you could have just one question answered, what would it be?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) May 10th, 2011

Question: for once in your lifetime, you could have just one question answered, what would it be?

I have two. My brother-in-law and his family disappeared off the planet, while he was flying his twin engine plane from Nashville to Venice Beach, Florida. What happened to them and are they still alive?

Why do dogs eat grass?

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Does intelligent life exist on other planets?

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Damn JP. You can have my one answer if it helps.

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I’d really like to know why cats like pants so much.

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What happend to all the socks I buy? Does the drier eat them? Does a little man steal them? Do I throw them out the window when I sleep? These are things I am willing to get to the bottom of.

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@mowens – Do you do your own laundry? I do the laundry in our house, and every so often I have to do a Sockpocalypse and purge Mr. Fiance’s holey socks. He doesn’t even notice.

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I’d like to know who my paternal grandfather’s father was. When doing my family tree several years ago the history stopped at my grandfather. I asked my grandmother if she could tell me and she said it’s something they don’t talk about. The secret died with my grandmother when she passed away 6 years ago.

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Are we there yet?
Dogs eat grass to help them puke up something gross they may have ate.

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Mowens, I believe thieves may be using your missing socks and here is why…..........

On two separate burglary cases, each burglar used socks on their hands to avoid leaving fingerprints. Each burglar thought this was a clever idea. NOT SO! One burglar illegaly entered a drugstore for narcotics. He used socks, but failed to check if the socks had holes in them. He left a nice print of his right thumb on a bottle of valium, which he did not take. The other burglar had been invited to his neighbors house for Christmas. He had never been inside this home. The day after Christmas, the burglar came back and burglarized this house. He broke the glass out of the back door and reached inside to unlock the kitchen door. Again, this burglar wore socks and one sock had a hole in it. I located a piece of broken backdoor glass with his right thumb and first finger prints on it.

Worlds Dumbest Criminals. Both are still serving time.

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What does he really think of me?

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It used to be “Is my sister really my mother?”, but I’m 99% sure I’ve figured out the answer to that one.
I suppose it would be, “Is there a god or some sort of supreme entity?”

@mowens I used to wonder about this as well. Then I discovered that having bad aim in tossing socks into the separate bins on the floor of the linen closet was the culprit. There have been occasions when a black sock’s partner didn’t turn up again until a light load was done.

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What day will I hit the Mega Millions jackpot?
@Pied_Pfeffer well is she, or not?

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There’s a guy that’s been in and out of my life for 23 years- he shows up at the strangest times, unwittingly leaves behind something that changes my life for the better, then disappears. We don’t even like each other. I’d love to know why this keeps happening, if there is a ‘why.’

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How would my life be different if my borhter hadn’t died?

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Dogs eat grass because they can’t smoke it. And they probably wouldn’t because you will arrest them if they did.

My answer to the question is WHY ME?!

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Don’t you hate it when someone answers a question with a question?

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that’s the whole point, @erichw1504

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Am I the only one who never loses socks? I feel so alone

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Where have all the cowboys gone?

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Where is my Marlboro man?

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Where did Donald Trump’s hair come from?

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@yankeetooter If I even tried, it would become a Tom Robbinesque book… :D

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Why does my cat get so upset with us sometimes that he shits in front of the front door, causing us to smear it everywhere when we open the door and run it over? I know it’s strategic.

But in reality I think I’m a bit more curious about aliens.

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When he talks to me and texts me and looks at me in class, what does that mean?

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@janbb :It means you’ll then dream about him and join Fluther to ask what that means…

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