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Why can't humans and animals gossip like neighbors?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22333points) May 10th, 2011

Communication between man and animals do happen but mostly on superficial and rather vague levels. Also, man indeed thinks he is superior to the animal so does this result into his lack of interest in pursuing better understanding of how the creature thinks and feels?

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Milo here: Speak for yourself..Gail and I dish all the time, although she defers to my better judgment and analyticall skills regarding gossip.

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I don’t think communication between humans and other animals is vague at all. Sometimes, it is the most meaningful communication a person can have and deeply satisfying as well. Some people do think they’re superior to animals and it’s a complex issue given that we do control them and abuse them but not all of us feel we’re above them, in any way.

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I think gossip between neighbours is superficial and communication with pets, and I am thinking of dogs in particular, is much deeper and more meaningful. I don’t have a dog at present but when I did I understood his thoughts and feelings very well.

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Anyone can understand animals. They do have their own way of talking to us. We just have to care enough to listen to what they’re saying. :D I think it’s just people’s lack of interest really.

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Humans and animals don’t share a language, so any communication between them is limited to basic needs and emotions. If we had a common language, I’m sure there’d be tons of gossiping going on.

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And depends on the owner [ if it’s your pet ] OR the way that human is.

Most talk normally with their pets.

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I remember reading a study that concluded that dogs understand at least 100–300 of our human words and we understand fewer than 10 of their verbal and non verbal communications.
Of course, they were unable to determine how many of those words dogs had decided meant “ball” or “treat” and cats weren’t included in the test because they (the cats) felt the questionnaire was demeaning.

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I guess a possible disadvantage if humans are able to talk with pigs, chickens and cow is we might lose our appetites in eating them.

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I sometimes think I have more meaningful communications with my dog then some humans.

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That’s not what a little bird told me!

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@mazingerz88 If you call that a disadvantage. I wouldn’t.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Oh yes I see that too and would agree since I won’t mind too much going vegetarian if it comes to that.

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