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Would you use the black market to save your life or that of a loved one?

Asked by Facade (22889points) May 10th, 2011

Obviously it is against the law, but plenty of people on donor lists die waiting on organs they need.

What would you do?

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I know that it’s hard to predict how you would act in a situation like this until you’re in one, but I really really like to think that I wouldn’t take a black market organ, especially not for myself. It makes me sick to think about how it might have been obtained.

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Yes, without a doubt or hesitation.

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Never for myself, and having a pretty good idea of how the ethics of my daughter lean, probably not for her either. Every organ for donation represents a tragedy for some while being a blessing for others. I have thought about this extensively, between discussions I’ve had in real life, and the fact that I would not be a candidate for living donation for my daughter, and I can only say these things in a hypothetical conversation. I honestly don’t know what I would if KatawaGrey couldn’t survive without a black market organ. Probably wave my donor card around in the ER before shooting myself in the head.

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I don’t even know where to find a black market…...

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@Blackberry Me either, but I’m damn sure I could find out if need be.

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I hope that I would not.

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I can’t imagine I would. I guess you never know what you will do in desperate times, but I generally am a rule follower. I know I never could do it if I did not know how the organ was obtained. The idea that someone might be laying in an alley with their kidneys cut out of their body makes me sick. Paying someone for a live donation is a more iffy circumstance, where the donor agrees to do it for payment. It still makes me very uncomfortable. I really believe I would accept sometimes death wins.

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Where exactly is the black market? Would I find that in South L.A.?

No, I would not. I just can’t imagine how and where that organ would come from.

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Do you mean for organs only? The black market is much broader than that.

If my loved one were in intractable pain and dying, I would go to the streets to get him heroin to ease his way. At least I think I would. I believe in the benefits of that use of heroin and don’t think it ought to be illegal. Addiction is hardly an issue in a terminal case.

But I would not do anything to encourage the sale of organs that had not been donated voluntarily.

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No, I would not. Simply because I would not trust the quality of the goods. They obviously don’t care where the organs come from, why should they care what state they are in or who gets them or what happens to them.

Thats not to say I am against the idea of gutting a random stranger my self to harvest their organs like a Vidiian

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Definitely not for organs. However, I have done it for drugs. Got my mother some marijuana for cancer treatment. Finding it was easy, verifying that it was “clean” was not. That was my biggest issue. Locally grown stuff was pretty crappy, and everything else had likely gone through several hands before I got it.

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To save the life of a love one I’ll create my own little black market myself. I’ll go straight to Asia or anywhere else and try to buy an organ from a healthy and knowingly willing person.

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@poisonedantidote I want to invent some holographic lungs.

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No.Why buy when you can harvest your own?
My neighbor has some healthy looking kidneys ;)

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I would not hazard a guess as to what I might do to save a loved one.

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When it comes to markets I’m pretty much color blind. I don’t care what race of people run it. like it really matters. sheesh.

All I want is good service.

would there be pianos available along with the organs? and why all the secrecy?

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It would be a new learning experience, but I would definitely use the black market if I needed to.

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Absolutely. Especially if it’s a loved one.

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Yes. In fact, there are groups around the world on lists for organ swaps within their group meaning you take something you need but offer up something of your own should it be needed in the future.

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Unfortunately I would. I hate to think someone was drugged and had their kidney stolen, but if I knew of the option to obtain one to save a loved one I wouldn’t be able to not purchase it.

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@Neizvestnaya I don’t think that is against the law.

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@JLeslie: Correct. Not black market but definitely not on the menu at your local hospital.

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@Neizvestnaya I have a feeling the doctors and hospitals are happy to have gifts like that happening. Just means more surgeries and more dollars.

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I see the black market as simply a different market than the free market. And since the free market isn’t free, and often blackened with scandal, then the black market is a legitimate consideration when a different market is required.

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Nope. I’d take the organs from my pissy neighbor. Even her own husband doesn’t like her… :P

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In a totalitarian system, yes.

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No, I would not. What if the organs are diseased or otherwise unhealthy? That would only increase the person’s suffering.

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