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Which is the best choice for party invites - free ones with glued on insert or computer-printed that I have to pay for?

Asked by jca (36043points) May 10th, 2011

I am having a 4th birthday party for my daughter and the location provided free invitations. My handwriting is not the best (not the worst but computer writes better) so I printed up an insert that I was going to cut out and glue inside the free ones.

My coworker suggested I buy computer paper (the ones with the pretty borders) and do the whole thing on computer. She said that’s probably easier than cutting and gluing the free ones.

I feel like I would like to take advantage of the free invitations and utilize them, but I am open to ideas or suggestions.

Any suggestions on which is the better choice?

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I think it’s perfectly fine to use the free ones. You may have to make yourself a little jig, or make sure to put little tiny pencil dots (very lightly so you can erase or cover them the insert) when you glue it onto the card. You can go to a copy place and use their paper cutter if you don’t have one, to make sure that your print-outs get cut straight. Save money when you can.

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Use the free ones. Your plan of gluing inserts sounds great to me. And really, it’s just an invitation, not a keepsake. Don’t sweat it.

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The free ones sound better to me. Gluing in the inserts shows some personal attention and love was involved.

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I would use the free ones. I agree with @Seelix , it is not of great importance that they be super-fancy.

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For a 4 year old, go the cheap and easy route. For a teen or adult, go with the personal touch even if your handwriting isn’t the greatest.

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If you go with gluing in the inserts, you can cut them out with “fancy edge” scissors (I picked up a bunch at the dollar store) then just draw the template size around the text on the computer but cutting it out doesn’t have to be perfect and your child can even help.

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Psh. They’re four. Use the free ones with the glued on printout. Heck, if they come with envelopes, you don’t even really need to glue it on. Just stick it in there. It’ll be just fine. :)

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Use white computer paper and clip art.

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