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How many new organizations incorporated in the US in 2010?

Asked by michaelburnskeating (7points) May 10th, 2011

Curious about how many new business and non-profit organizations are formed each year in the US.

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According to this presentation 120,000 new corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies formed annually. I don’t have any idea how accurate that is. But bear in mind that forming a corporation or any company is not difficult and most go bankrupt anyway. What may be more significant are the number of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings). Those will be companies that are growing and looking for capital to expand. Here is a look at the historical growth of IPOs. And the 2009 and 2010 numbers are even more dismal. Business growth has been in the toilet and isn’t looking much better for the near future. And ‘Green’ doesn’t look like it will improve things.

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