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How many corporations failed in the U.S. in 2010?

Asked by michaelburnskeating (7points) May 10th, 2011

Curious to know how many operating businesses and non-profits (as opposed to trusts, shells, or holding companies) were actually dissolved (as opposed to faced bankruptcy or were acquired or merged).

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Not sure if some government agency tracks this number. It would be very difficult to keep track of, as it would have to include every Joe-Schmo who started up a business off some asinine idea… and go figure it failed. A buddy of mine for instance had a painting business one summer. Incorporated and everything. Didn’t even last a year.

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Your question is too broad.

Are you talking small business or large businesses? Businesses that have been in business for how many years before failure? Businesses that failed because they were a bad idea/inept management/tax problems? Businesses that were bought out?

Statistically, 66% of start-ups are still in existence two years after they begin, and 44% are still in existence after 4 years. Source

You are probably going to want to look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

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