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Can you recommend any kid-friendly news websites?

Asked by drdoombot (8130points) May 10th, 2011

Without thinking about it first, I sent my 11 year-old cousin to, where the first headline read something like

“Rapist convicted after seven years”

A google search does not reveal too many good choices: Scholastic appears to only add one article a month, Time for Kids doesn’t seem too easy to navigate, etc.

Does anyone know of some news websites where children would be able to easily navigate and read articles? Ideally, my cousin needs to be able to read and summarize a few articles on a weekly basis, so frequent updating of the site would be great.

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BBC has a kids’ site. So does CNN. Maybe one of those would be better for you?
There’s also National Geographic for Kids, but that might not be general enough.

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This is the website for the BBC’s childrens news bulletin. Its probably UK centric but does cover world events. It’s also not afraid to cover less unpleasant stuff but it does so in a way suitable to the target audience.

@Seelix godamnit

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Nicklelodeon’s Nick News is wonderful and they can also watch videos of the TV program of the same name.

Linda Ellerbee is FANTASTIC. I used to watch the TV show all the time. She’s a terrific journalist who doesn’t talk down to the kids and treats them like intelligent people.

I can’t recommend it highly enough. I still remember the discussion they had with a group of kids asking Qs and Magic Johnson about HIV. very informatively and tastefully done. You can most likely find it in the archives.

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For some strange reason, the link isn’t working even tho I wrote it exactly as it appeared in the address bar. But just go to the main Nick site and I’m sure they’ll have a link there.

Computers. Arrrrrgghh

I guess it didn’t like the triple W prefix (for whatever reason). Good grief. www seems to be good enough for any other site on the net.

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@Seelix points out a great site in BBC kids. heads about them all.

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