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What happened to individuality?

Asked by gm_pansa1 (956points) May 10th, 2011

The topic says it all, but to clarify, why are so many people prone to follow trends?

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I am not sure it was ever the norm?? History is chock full of leaders both great, good and bad that people blindly followed and trends only make following trendy! Always been that way and IMO always will. Very few people truly march to their own drum.

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I don’t think the topic does – when was it big? How do you see it decreasing?

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I agree with Cruiser. I’m pretty sure we always followed. Even leaders need to follow something if they want to followed. It’s like a big ass unicycle and we’re all stuck on it.

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People are too lazy to think for themselves and would rather live in a society that dictates how they should think and act so they don’t have to deal with tough decisions, and so they can be accepted by everyone else without fear of judgement.

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Individuality is just the latest trend.

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If it ever existed to begin with, and it is indeed decreasing, I’d blame the alleged lack of individuality in today’s society on the number of people dead and alive who have been using up the options.

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Individuality has always been the same throughout history, I figure. We just don’t have a good feel for that because we’re more prone to focus on the revolutionaries and pioneers.

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@ddude1116 Not so much. Individuality waxes and wanes, but there are periods of history where it’s a very corporate attitude and you don’t have the right at all to consider your own personal needs. The rise of the individual really came about in the 1960s.

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Materialism, political correctness,sheepish, worried about what others think, deep seated fears of standing out in the crowd or workplace.

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