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What is the most affordable neighborhood in San francisco for a student to live in?

Asked by anoop (71points) April 23rd, 2008
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The Tenderloin. Don’t live there. Get some roommates and a bike and live in the Sunset or Richmond.

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Which school do you study in? In other words how far do you want to live from school?
Here’s some options -

UCSF – inner sunset
USF – inner sunset
SFSU – parkside

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daly city. Its less than two miles from sfsu and nhas good transit to other parts of the city.

If you you have to live is sf then sunset or ingleside, I’d think.

And do lots of research, don’t get ripped off. Be patient (if you’re in a position that that’s possible), don’t grab the first place that’ll have you. (I did that. I ended up with a roommate who would masturbate in the living room and not stop as he waved hello when I walked by)

Cheap doesn’t always = you should live there (ie the tenderloin)

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You can find some great places if you’re willing to live with a roommate-
Alamo Square
Pacific Heights
Tendernob (in between Nob Hill and the Tenderloin)
Marina (probably the safest, but priciest, of all)

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Well, there are deals to be found everywhere – but the cheaper areas are always going to be those that are furthest from downtown – either that or in areas like the tenderloin or western addition, bayview/hunters point where there are a lot of homeless or high crime.

If you’re a student I would look for something close to your school. Check out Craigslist or the student union area for fliers about housing.

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