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When the manufacturer makes peanut butter, are the shells also used?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) May 10th, 2011

Question: if the peanut shells are not ground with the peanuts, to make peanut butter, then how are the shells separated from the peanut inside?

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Here is a video of making peanut butter.

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Probably with the machine designed to deal with that.

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The peanuts come to the factory already shelled.

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Yes, @Kayak8. But at some point they go through the shelling machine.

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Kayak8, thanks. I watched the 4 minute video and now I am an informed person of how peanut butter is made.

I still would like to know how they separate the shells from the peanuts.

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Have you ever eaten peanuts with the shells? That is, just pop the unshelled legume into your mouth and crunch away? (I don’t do boiled or raw peanuts; I’m talking about ‘regular’ peanuts in the shell.)

For some reason they taste more like peanut butter when I’m crunching away on the shell, too. I can’t figure it out.

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@john65pennington Perhaps clicking on links might help with that.

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The Whole Foods that I go to, has peanut butter making machines with transparent tubs. From what I can see, the peanuts are thoroughly shelled.

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Peanut shells can be used in animal feed.

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Klutzaroo, do all of those machines just shell peanuts? I would like to see peanut shelling in a video.

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This is one of the video links you could have clicked on, @john65pennington. This machine shown in this video is giving people in Uganda dreams of being budding capitalists. I love it.

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