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Will you play the "If The Hasn't Been Invented, Then..." game?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25873points) May 10th, 2011

The objective here is to say something interesting, surprising and thought provoking. If it’s funny or silly, that would be great. Here is a sample,

“If the telephone was not invented then people would use smoke signals or shout at rooftops to communicate.”

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If cellphones hadn’t been invented, then social plans would be much more reliable.

If toilet paper hadn’t been invented, then corncobs would be a hot commodity.

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If rhetorical questions hadn’t been invented then how would we begin long boring speeches?

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If Facebook hadn’t been invented, people would actually go out with their friends.

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If fast food hadn’t been invented people would use their cooking utensils.

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If the internet hadn’t been invented, then I wouldn’t be answering this question, dummy! ;¬}
If the nuclear deterrent hadn’t been invented, then I guess humanity would fall out.
If the apostrophe hadnt been invented, then this wouldnt & indeed couldnt have made much sense.

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If the printing press hadn’t been invented, Protestantism would never have had a way to propagate so throughly and quickly, and might have been stamped out before it really took root.

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If the toilet bowl has not been invented then the last thing you want to be is near a hole in the ground.

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If Fluther hadn’t been invented, then the internet would be much more boring.

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If guns hadn’t been invented, then we’d be worried about nuclear arrowwarheads.

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If the iPhone hadn’t been invented, then we would still have to push physical buttons on our flip phones. The horror!

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If cupcakes had never been invented, then I wouldn’t be gaining weight.

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If clothes hadn’t been invented, then there would be many more nekked pancake parties.

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If crappy laptops weren’t invented then I wouldn’t be fuming right now.

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If politics was not invented goverments will be run by sport celebrities.

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If teachers weren’t programmed to tell students to shut up, then we’d have more time to talk about important things.

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Corncobs, @janbb?!

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If deodorant hadn’t been invented, then the nose plug industry would be booming.

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If grammar hadn’t been invented then written with the could words sentences order be any.

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If periods hadn’t been invented, then women would be happier and this sentence would end like this

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