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Best way to build up calluses on your knuckles?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) May 11th, 2011

My mom always told me that it’s good to punch things since it builds up your calluses on your knuckles making them hard and when you punch to cause more damage. She’s a 2nd degree black belt in two styles but she’s looking for a school for wing-chun (a Chinese fighting style which I wanna learn) and that’s something she always told me, but I want to know the best way to build that up…So any suggestions?

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I suspect Qingfu Pan might agree with your mother on this. Look him up, he’s an interesting fellow.
I don’t know how much training you have had so far, but don’t go punching things to toughen your knuckles until you have learned thoroughly how to punch. You might know this already but folks who have had no teaching sometimes have no idea how much there is to know about it.

And above all, for you and for everyone else who reads this: be careful.

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I do gorilla impressions, just at kids parties. They do love it so, toughens the knuckles no end :¬)

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I watched a show on a master a while ago, and he had massive calluses. He just kept training by punching things. Ouch!

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Do push ups on your knuckles. Hurts like hell at first but in a week or so you won’t feel a thing. Start on a wood floor and then work up to concrete. Wanna get tough?? Do them on gravel.

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Rub alcohol on them?

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Pound them into dry sand. Do this long enough and they will become very callused indeed!

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@CaptainHarley You can start with dried beans or peas and move up to sand.

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@ucme Wow… a fighter I knew did that on purpose to toughen up his knuckles. I thought he was quite the Neanderthal, but apparently it really works.

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Indeed it does.

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Punch a punching bag until your knuckles bleed. And when your knuckles bleed, punch harder. Then do push-ups on the concrete. Trick, don’t let them heal. Not for a while. Get them nice and dirty a few days in a row, let them close up a bit, then keep at it.

also a great arm workout

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