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Which of the seven dwarfs could you see yourself befriending, given the oppurtunity?

Asked by ucme (50037points) May 11th, 2011

Which would you not spit on if they were on fire? Any potential friendships in the offing, or would you be afraid of contracting a communicable disease? XD Just a bit of fun, play along if you feel like it :¬)

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My dear @ucme…..I can assure you that I have befriended ALL of them and dated most of them, unfortunately.

Let me see….hmm…. Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful (and Cashful), and (very, very terribly) Grumpy.

Yes, I’ve dated them all. <sigh>

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Happy! Cuz I’m a happy gal…no Grumpys on my mountain!

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My choice would be to befriend Happy. I like being around happy people. Besides Doc, he seems to be the only one I would be interested in. Doc would be my second choice only because he is kind of bossy.

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I’d make friends with Grumpy because he’d be the one everyone else would avoid. I’d make it my life’s mission to make him smile, not that it would take any time at all, I’d introduce him to our furbaby Jade. She’s a little walking cuddle on paws and could charm a grin out of anybody :-)
huggles xx

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I haven’t seen The Seven Dwarfs, but based on name alone I’d go with Sleepy. I take a lot of naps.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus Ooh you heartbreaker you ;¬}
@bunnygrl Aww, bless your little heart XD
@rebbel No, you must be thinking of Animal Farm.

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Dopey. I’d like to dance with him. And just looking at him would make me laugh.

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@Vunessuh -What about his buddy Chickensmoker??

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I’ll take Slutty

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How come there are no female dwarves?


I get it. ;-)

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I married Grumpy.
I wonder how they still can get away with calling him Dopey without someone screaming that it is not politically correct?

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@Wilma I don’t understand why Dopey is not politically correct. Dopey, Goofy, Daffy Duck are all well known characters. Is Dopey implied to be to be associated with drugs (dope) or mental retardation?

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While ju guys are having fun with the dwarf’s, me n’ Snowy are getting dirty in the bushes.

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Okay, dwarf orgy time! Hmmm, how about a sing song to enhance the pleasure ;¬}

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I’d probably get along best with Sleepy and Doc. And Bashful.

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It is a tie between Grumpy and Doc. I would like to get ahold of Grumpy before @bunnygrl makes him all happy because we could hang out and be all curmudgeonly together. Doc because I could get free medical care.

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@Sunny2 I think Dopey was supposed to have a low I.Q. or perhaps some retardation.

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You kidding? Dopey gets the good stuff… That’s why they keep him around.

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Sleepy or bashful…. They’re kinda like me.

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Grumpy. We’d be best friends.

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@Sunny2 and @wilma Allow me to depend Dopey’s honor! I honestly don’t think Dopey was supposed to be retarded. I grew up with him as my favorite (and the one I’ll still pick to hang out with) because he’s the sweetest one, the klutzy one, the happy-go-lucky one and looks like he would be diagnosed with ADD these days. I loved him because he didn’t talk but got his message across clearly. Unfortunately, I do see the sad cultural perception connecting lack of speech and low intelligence- i.e. those that talk funny are dumb. I’m probably biased in Dopey’s favor because I can’t speak clearly, but if someone pigeonholes me as low-intelligence, the claws and fangs spring right out. \ \ \ ( * www * ) / / /
My other favorites were the Road Runner, Tinkerbell and Jerry (from Tom n Jerry) for the same reasons! XD

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Re Dopey, I like him because he kind of moves loosely and is a friendly sort. He may not have a high IQ, but I don’t think that who he is denigrates those with a lower intelligence. I don’t think he casts a bad light on anyone. I like Harpo Marx too and he definitely wasn’t mentally challenged even if he couldn’t read or write and didn’t speak (in the movies).

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The grouchy one. We could bitch about pointless things all day, and it would be grand.

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For some reason I’ve always liked Sleepy.

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@linguaphile I agree with you about Dopey, he is sweet and can be clever at time. I forgot that he didn’t speak.
He is also my favorite, for the same reasons that you and @Sunny2 stated.

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