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Do you have a love-hate relationship with someone or something?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) May 11th, 2011

Is there someone or something that you love but also hate at the same time? Is it someone in your personal life, a celebrity, a food, a product, an animal, etc…?

Why do you love this person or thing? Why do you hate this person or thing?

Describe this relationship and how it makes you feel.

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Yes, the military, but I’d rather not get into it lol.

Instead, maybe I’ll talk about women lol.

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@Blackberry I know how you feel.

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Empty calories and horrible for my teeth/diabetic-ness, but oh SO good…

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Definitely food!

I LOVE to eat, and it is a constant battle between my taste buds and my ass. lol

My ass is winning in its got a well fed look to it. haha

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The garden/yard. It gets tender treatment, but it allows the weeds take over if someone else doesn’t manage it daily.

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I love people, but some things that they do make me mentally unstable and I hate it. That’s about the only love/hate thing that I’ve got going on.

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Summer-time I love it for the beauty of the greenery and flowers and people out enjoying themselves. But I hate the heat and I am not bug friendly.

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My immune system. I obviously need it, but it is way overzealous.

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Garlic. I love garlic but it doesn’t love me back, it gives me horrible stomach distress and days of toilet time.

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Yes. I hate that I love someone who doesn’t love me. No wait, I love that I’m in love. Oh, I hate it when I say that. See what I mean.

Yard work; exercise; alcohol; lots of food . . .

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My Pilates machine.

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My dad. I know I love him to bits but I just hate living with him. Trouble is we’re too alike and know each other too well. We’re both people who want to live life through our own rules and don’t want to follow any one elses orders… he wants to boss me around and I don’t let him.
Aaagh, who am I kidding? Deep down I know I’d not want to move out anyway.

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Food is good, but food makes me gain weight. I hate this.

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Dear programmers: thanks for all the great software- but please think about DOCUMENTING YOUR DAMN CODE, because eventually someone else will have to maintain or support it, you bunch of spoiled self-indulgent supercilious alphanerds…


Love, koanhead

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Certain people.Ha ha.

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People. Dolly Mix – they make me so happy, until the sugar rushes from my brain to my bum.

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I live in mountain lion territory and see them fairly often. I always joke about being, easy, a 2 week cache!
Plenty of rump roast on Coloma. I could feed a family of Cougars for days. lol

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My sister. I love her dearly but she drives me nuts too often.

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Garlic. I love garlic in cooking, but I hate having to avert my face when I talk to someone after I eat it. Sometimes it’s so strong that even brushing my teeth and gums doesn’t help.

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I love to write on them, but there’s always something going wrong with them, either it’s a virus, or it runs slowly or it won’t connect to the internet, or it shuts down out of the blue, or it freezes up or it switches pages without me even touching it.

I have no technical knowledge when it comes to computers, so I often at my wit’s end with them and all I can see is hours and hours and hours of time spent on the phone with tech support or dollars being drained out of my bank account.

The cat who I am babysitting right now loves it. She likes to sit on it, because it’s warm.

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Walmart. I dread going but I do anyway. Deep cleansing breaths beforehand.

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Rats!! I love them for being so cute but at the same time I feel hatred for them when they spoil my things..especially my clothes

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@woodcutter Same here. Not a particularly great place to go to, but they have EVERYTHING!

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