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Please help me with my itunes question!

Asked by skgskgskg22 (260points) April 23rd, 2008

I downloaded “Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth Online Class.” They are free podcasts but everytime one finishes downloading and it moves to the podcasts I cant find it. It’s like it vanishes. I have been trying everything for the past 4 days but I am starting to get very frustated mostly because my mother won’t let it go. SO If you know where it went and you would like to help please do so before I go crazy!

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Bring it by tomorrow and I’ll see if I can help you. I’ll try to find it and we can try to download it on mine to see if of works or something.

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lol idk if i can stand vonda for another second!

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Tell her that I’ll help you figure it out tomorrow.

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weird, usually it would show, do other podcasts show up?

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try looking up the file path. figure out where all of your music usually downloads to (the file) and see if it is there. maybe you just need to retrieve it?

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@iwamoto this is the only time ive done podcasts but ive tried about 4 of these and they all do it

@zahava85 how do i do that?

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Preferences—> keep my iTunes folder organized

Check the iTunes sidebar to ensure it’s showing podcasts

Tell iTunes to keep all episodes

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try using the search function in the top right (the bubble with the magnifying glass) chances are it’s in your Library, nested in the bowels somewhere.

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Thanks everyone I have found them. BUT idk how I did it lol

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