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It's Wednesday (for most jellies). What do you use to help you over the hump to the weekend?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30822points) May 11th, 2011

Do you watch silly cartoons like this one?

Do you listen to inspirational tapes? or heavy metal music?

Do you exercise to forget about the day’s events and set your mind at ease for the rest of the work-week?

Do you do anything differently on Wednesdays to help you prepare for the rest of the week?

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I don’t know. The weekend isn’t an easier time for me. More time with kids, even less sleep.

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Well, this is working out to be one of my worst weeks in a long time. So instead of going out to ride my bicycle after a week in the shop, I sat at home on a conference call with the States for an hour and a half, then had dinner alone. Now I’m watching a crime drama series and searching the internet for a cheap way to get home and see my wife next weekend. It’s not happening.

So I can not wait for the weekend.

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Wednesday is my Friday and it’s also my shortest shift so I just make lists of stuff I want to do and needs to be done and go from there.

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Well, Wednesday’s just like other days for me, but I want to thank you, Jake, for the Carrotblanca link. I needed a chuckle, there’s blood in the water on the doctor/gun thread.

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@JilltheTooth : I glanced at that thread and decided to steer clear.

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I hump to get over the hump

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I bake myself cookies on Wednesday. It’s great!

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I pray to the Q+A gods that Fluther will adopt the oft-referenced “Boob Wednesday” that was once practiced on

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@FutureMemory: That was fun but for some reason I felt so much more safe and insulated than with fluther to post pics. Chalk it up to internet naivity.

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What hump?
It’s ALL one big hump! hahaha

I don’t work a fixed schedule so every day is hump day! lol

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Not looking forward to this weekend. Someone’s coming at seven am to fix up the floor in the basement…with a fucking jackhammer. Damn.

Usually though, nothing specific.

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It’s garbage day, time to take out the trash. So I know the weekend is close at hand. I know…. weirdツ

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Wednesday is new comic book day. ‘Nuff said. :^)

truthfully, weekends mean nothing to me, as Monday is my only day off. But I still like Wednesdays.

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I spend the rest of the afternoon with my sweet Mary Jane XD. Then it’s the weekend in no time. I’m pretty sure thats not what you were lookin for though.

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I’m looking forward to a special visitor this weekend! He’s a guy I just started seeing, and this will be a wonderful romantic weekend that will determine if we keep seeing each other or not. The idea of that is making the time pass!

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