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What are some good toys for a three year old?

Asked by jenhuntsketchupp (104points) May 11th, 2011

I’m doing a school preject, And I need to pick some toys to talk about. Keep in mind the age group! It’s really important.

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Duplo blocks (big legos), wooden blocks for building, balls, toy xylophone… okay I am kinda old school.

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It’s okay!! Those are easy to talk about. and that’s what I need!

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Beach toys like a shovel and pail or an inflatable beach ball, dress-up clothes, stuffed animals, crayons…

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Coloring books for quiet time, trucks that you can fill with stuff, building stuff

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Tonka trucks
One of those pushable Popcorn Poppers
A pull along Toy Telephone
Raggedy Ann doll
Rubber Duck
Plastic Bowling Pins and Ball set
Plastic Ring Toss set
Etch a Sketch
Busy Box(KGrHqIOKnME)5TBJzTgBMnLWkdKU!~~_3.JPG
Toy Kitchen Set
One of those plastic boxes that the kids push plastic shapes through the corresponding holes (not sure what they’re called)
Toddler style lawnmower, market basket, wheelbarrow or baby carriage

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Books. The earlier you introduce them to the magic of reading, the better.

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The best toys are the ones that have to be supervised the most. My toddler grandsons love the Elefun we bought them. Read the reviews. We cut off the top 18 inches of the tube, and solved the problems most people are complaining about. They are hard to catch in the net, so we play pick up a lot.

The actual interest only lasts about an hour, unless you let them pick up the toy and aim the butterflies, then you get another 20 minutes or so. Put the game away after each use and only let them see it once or twice a week.

For continuous, daily play, I have discovered the car play mat works best. I have one that looks like a blanket, for standing and playing on the bed, and the rug style for sitting down in the yard or at a picnic.

We also have a very popular picnic table that can be used any time for anything. Throw a blanket over it and it becomes a tent or playhouse, or combine with a slide and it becomes a climbing, sliding toy.

We buy all of our major toddler toys at Once Upon A Time, a second hand childrens shop which sells only top quality toys for heavy discounts, some used and some brand new, out of date, such as last year’s version.

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A cardboard box. My kids had way more fun with these then they did with any of their toys. Too bad they are so fragile.

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those big plastic beads that pop together (they’re like blocks).
the giant legos – not sure what they’re called.
hobby horse
pull toys
toy golf set

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@optimisticpessimist the bigger the better, eh?

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@tranquilsea beat me to the punch. I was going to say a box. After that, an unbreakable mixing bowl from the kitchen and a wooden spoon.

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boxes…oh dam. Already been said.

@hawaii_jake No! A metal mixing bowl and a wooden spoon, and a metal spoon, and a plastic spoon. And a rock. And a feather. And a stick. And….

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@tranquilsea Yes, especially big moving boxes.
@hawaii_jake Mine also loved pots and pans, lids and spatulas. Sometimes even a potato or two to ‘cook’ or roll around like a ball.

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A spatula. And…

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kids that age also love water play – hose, sprinkler, play sink, etc.

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