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What is the place you live in famous for?

Asked by MilkyWay (13705points) May 11th, 2011

It doesn’t have to be worldwide fame, or famous throughout the States, just something it’s well known for, locally or in neighboring places. Such as, let’s say, famous for it’s pancakes.

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Ship’s Captains and drunk people.

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I live in the original California Goldrush/discovery zone from 1848.
The state park is just a couple of minutes down the road from me.
Yep, our little town is a real nugget of history. ;-)

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Geronimo’s grave and….Buffalo shit.

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It’s a dance!

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There’s a stain on the concrete wall under the expressway about 100 yards from my place which is believed by some to be an image of the Virgin Mary.

Six years after she was first discovered, there are ALWAYS candles burning and fresh flowers before her.

Our Lady of the Underpass

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world class medical, higher education, dropping r accents, Yankee haters, start of the american revolution

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Used to produce a lot of wool textiles. Same for the town I grew up in.

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@KatetheGreat Yes, so I’ve heard ;)

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Rhode Island is the smallest state in size in the United States. It covers an area of 1,214 square miles. Its distances North to South are 48 miles and East to West 37 miles.

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Ah, the name? Killingworth?
Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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@KatetheGreat Shagging. It’s a dance!

I spent a weekend on Folly Beach and sadly I didn’t engage in any shagging.

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I’m not ready to call the state I live in “mine” yet. So I’ll tell about a place I used to live. It’s the home of the greatest snow on earth. It has more national parks than any other state, and it has more kinds of sports available within a two hour drive than any other place I know.

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@jaytkay It’s okay! You can shag next time!

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The World’s Largest Bright Leaf Tobacco Market in the twentieth century.
Half way between New York City and Disney World in Orlando on I-95.

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Putting French fries on our sandwiches. Oh, and steel. Lots of steel.

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The Redwoods
Salmon, Steelhead
Pelican Bay

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@Joker94 mmm, french fries sandwiches!
Buffalo shit? LOL!

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Weed and big trees.

That being said, I’m not really a fan of either.

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The world’s largest retirement community.

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Bruce Springsteen

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Hehe, I drove a certain user absolutely crazy when I answered a question like this a while ago.

My hometown has more adult shops than any other town in CT as well as the legal number of liquor stores. There are also five tattoo parlors which doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s one for every 11,000 people. I think there are more, but those are only the ones my mom and I came up with. :)

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The plaid shirted candidate.

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Pickles and a Scarecrow Fesitival.

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Crabs! ( as in Maryland blue crabs, sheesh! )

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My town is famous as the rainiest city in the USA, not the rainiest place, but the rainiest city. We get about 10 feet (3 meters) of rain each year.

The state is famous for…well…for being what it is: paradise.

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Sorry @hawaii_jake, I live in paradise but it isn’t your state. Maybe there is more than one paradise.

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Lakes. 10,000+

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There are lots of paradises, I live in one too. No paradise trumps another. :-)

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@jellyfish3232 That’s the coolest name I’ve ever heard for a place. Ever.

@noelleptc And that’s the coolest reason why any place should ever exist.

You guys live in cool places. All my town has are bikers, racism and welfare. Sad but true.

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Being 100 miles north of @tranquilsea‘s cowboys.

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Buck Owens, Korn, and Basque food.

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Bridges, too.

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@faye the irony is, of course, that there really aren’t any cowboys here (the real kind anyway). They live around you and to the north, south east and west of me. But we’re known for them.

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Pea soup weather.

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@tranquilsea You are the headquarters!

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Having a now deceased out there Prime Minister that said “NO NUKES”, Lord of the Rings, producer Peter Jackson,
and living in a country aptly nicknamed “Godzone”

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I think Manchester United. is famous worldwide. But I’m a City. boy.

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Smog, wildfires, gangs, road rage, graffiti, paparazzi, drunken blond celebrity drivers, congested freeways, and 4-wheeled acoustic cannons.

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I grew up in the only place in the UK that Elvis Presley visited. Where am I?

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London in 1958!

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@snowberry nope, guess again ;-)

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@mazingerz88, that makes me want to go to Cantlers and get a whole bushel.

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@KatawaGrey : There are 6 tattoo parlors here!
A pioneer in submarine design is from here, and supposedly there is a famous pirate’s treasure (Kidd?) buried on an island just offshore.

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@bkcunningham correct! Prestwick Airport

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You live at the airport! Cool! JK

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@bkcunningham my daddy was a 747 and my mama a twinprop

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It’s home to Sheffield FC, the world’s oldest football club.

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Not where I live, but it’s just down the road. A town called Hartlepool in the North East of England Town. Many years ago, during the Napoleonic wars, townsfolk allegedly captured & hung….yes hung, a monkey!! Apparently it was the only survivor from a stricken French ship off the coast. It was dressed in full french uniform & they thought it was a spy! Yes, My neighbouring town is renowned for it’s genius folk from history!

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I’d be careful about running around town in a French uniform…you might be the spies successor. lol

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This is so fun to read! I am really getting a kick out of researching everyones zones!

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My town has a Whirligig Park being built, with conservation oversight from the National Park Service, in the downtown area.

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@Tropical_Willie I know where that town is located. I used to live near there.

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@Coloma Nah, I don’t like bananas ;¬}

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Surfing and hula

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Birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Friedrich Woehler, Otto Hahn, Karl Schwarzschild, Theodor W. Adorno, and Anne Frank.

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I love Goethe, your from amsterdam? @mattbrowne you get lurve
My home is also famous for Duke Kahanamoku. The birth place (for real) of Barack Obama. Capt. Cook, and the love of spam (which I loathe)

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@Pele Hawaii, though I didn’t know your Mr Pres was born there till all the birth certificate nonsense came up

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@Stinley yeah Obama went to the same school my niece goes to. I just think it’s kind of funny. Growing up in Hawaii is nothing like growing up in the mainland. I’m sure Obama has stronger ties to Hawaii then he seems to show. Hawaii is a different world and a culture on it’s on unique to the rest of the USA.

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Mountains/Ski resorts.

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What do they call hot dogs in Frankfurt?

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Hot dogs. Germans love to import English terms.

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Oktoberfest…oooh, now you’re talkin’!

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We’re also famous for sunsets.

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Wow guys! You live in such interesting and exciting places :D
I’ve got a kick out of researching on some of em lol.
Some football fans as well I see ;)

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Ahhh I feel silly coming into this question so late, but I just now stumbled across it!

The “Craigslist killer” grew up here. He went to my high school! And that’s about it. This area is nothing special. XD

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@mariah careful giving out personal detail as there are zombies and stalkers everywhere!

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It’s a caldera.
Fancy word for gateway to hell.

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