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Do you find it easier to open up to members of the opposite sex?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) May 11th, 2011

I tell my guy friends pretty much everything, but it usually takes time for me to get to a point where I’m comfortable doing so. But I notice that whenever I talk to a close girl friend, it seems a lot easier to open up to them about personal things than I do guys. Part of me thinks that it’s the fear of being judged that makes it easier; that maybe some guys would think I’m “unmanly” for it Though I wouldn’t care in the long run anyway

Does anyone else feel this way? Does it apply to any ladies out there?

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sometimes I find it easier. Still it depends upon the subject.

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I go to fellow females and medical doctors (male or female) to openly discuss bodily concerns. From my experience, most (not all) men react to any discussion about menstruation, pregnancy, and other matters that are common to the female gender, like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

With my male friends, especially my SO, they are (again, in general) more willing and able to be open to and discuss topics where there are differing opinions and voice their views. If the discussion turns to something that makes them uncomfortable, they are more willing to say so.

Personally, I enjoy having a combination of both genders as friends.

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I see no purpose in opening up to anyone. I wear my heart on my sleeve at all times. If that ain’t open enough, then you better get out the nut cracker.

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Most fellow are emotionally illiterate dumbasses with macho pretensions and fragile egos. No thanks. I’ll talk with the women.

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oddly enough, yes, and I never learn that many of the gals decide to use it against me as I seem to keep doing it. as well as the few guys I’ve opened up a bit too.

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Absolutely. Do you think a guy is going to listen to another guy whine about his problems? That’d be great if there was a website where I could anonymously tell all of my problems to a woman and receive feedback from her.

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Yes, sometimes too much as a matter of fact.

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Of course! For some reason I have a very hard time talking to girls about my feelings. All my friends are guys…but of course to be honest a lot of them started out because they had an attraction or crush on me.

I don’t know why though but guys seem a lot easier to talk to!

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My best friend is a guy and I tell him pretty much everything. It took me a while to feel comfortable enough to open up to him about certain things, and there are still topics that I’d never talk to him about, like menstruation. I think in general I feel more comfortable opening up to other women, at least in the sense that it takes me less time to feel ready to open up to her and I’d feel less awkward if I was going to talk about “girl stuff” like menstruation or other stuff with her. If that makes any sense.


Contrary to @incendiary_dan‘s position, not at all. I enjoy their company, but not their talk. (lol)

It’s easier for me to open up with other men, because I can find things in common to talk about with them, and it’s a more “buddy buddy” environment when I’m with them. Most women like to talk about things like shopping, clothes, relationships, the latest “news/scoop” on other people, etc., things I’m not accustomed to. In general, they often talk way too much also, which can stir up trouble.

As August Strindberg once wrote: “Men enjoy the company of women, as long as they keep quiet.” I lightheartedly agree. ;)

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yes….and all this time I just thought I was a hoochie mama!! LOL!!

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I don’t really open up to people at all, unless we’ve become great friends. In the few times that this has occurred, I find that gender has fuckall to do with it.

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