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On a scale ranging from 0 to 10 how violent are you ?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) May 12th, 2011

The scale:
0 being no violence whatsoever
10 being a person filled with rage/violence/anger etc

So how violent are you ?

Forms of violence:
– abuse
– child abuse
– domestic violence
– psychological abuse
– cyber-bullying
– sexual abuse
– structural violence
– symbolic violence

Do you manifest violent in gestures / actions / words ?

Discuss please.

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I’ll say 2 as I am pretty even tempered and I dislike confrontation. Unsolicited sales calls annoy me and I can sometimes be a bit nippy when I get them.

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I forgot to add mine .

I’m about a 6… Wish I was calmer.

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My bark: 3

My bite: -1

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Maybe a 2. I can have a temper, verbal temper. I have pushed or knocked someone in the arm when very frustrated, but I cannot ever imagine actually physically hurting someone. I never feel compelled to slap or punch someone, or even punch a wall, or throw things, never.

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I’m a 2 simply because I choose to be.. Bullies irritate and cause me to strike back (especially when it comes to women and kids) but otherwise your safe around me. I can take a rub so long as you can too. I will never embarrass or challenge you and will expect like treatment.

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I’m a zero when it comes to violence, I just hate it.

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Does playing violent video games mean anything? If not, then I think I’m a one or two.

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@PluckyDog thanks .. I forgot to add video games.

Yeah Violence in video games is a form of violence because you control the environment there OR your actions decide. It’s a form of expressing yourself.

So with this i’m a 7…... gosh I suck. [ because I express a lot there ]

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I am a two, maybe two and a half, not much higher. I get loud when I get frustrated but I tend to have a pretty easy time controlling myself physically. I really do believe that my martial arts training helps to keep any of those over the top violent reactions in check. Maybe just knowing that I could take someone out if I have to keeps me from feeling like have have something to prove.

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7, maybe? Most humans tend to irritate me, and I express it vocally. I often WANT to punch someone is the face… Actually, very often. But the consequences at the uptight left-wing school I go to would outweigh the fun of it.

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I am a hot-head and am not afraid to let you know that. All my physical violence though has mostly been techno violence and I have the pile of stubborn pc’s, remotes and shitty digital cameras outside my upstairs window to prove it.

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It depends.Lay your hands on me and I will beat the $hit out of you.
I get scored after.;)

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I’m about a 2, is sarcasm counts as a form of passive aggressive violence, and I yell at idiot drivers (Someone merged into my car yesterday, and kept going. Bumped me, scraped the side of my car. I used words saved only for driving situations. I entertained the thought of getting ahead of him, stopping my car, and screaming at him.) I do kill bugs.

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1 on everything. I’m a total pansy.

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Probably a 6.

I don’t hurt people that often, but my words are quite violent if someone crosses me the wrong way.

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I would rate myself as a 0 on the violence scale. I am not a violent person at all. I am not violent in my actions or my words. I care too much about other people and their feelings to be violent. I also don’t believe that resorting to violence solves anything, it only creates even more problems.

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I don’t call people names. I don’t break things on purpose. I’ve only become violent in self-defence. The last time I hit someone, I was 12, and even then, that was partially in self-defence as well. I was tired for getting beaten for what appeared to me to be no reason by an older cousin.

If something didn’t go his way, or someone yelled at him and he couldn’t yell back (of course he knew he’d get smacked if he talked back in anger to an adult, so he held it in), he’d use me as a punching bag. The last time he ever hit me, I punched him in the nose and bloodied it. If I hadn’t, he would’ve continued to hit me until his anger was sated.

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9. I’ll suck one of they eyes out of your head, but I wont do it for no reason. 0 in my day to day life, but hurt my family or anger me, and I go directly to 9.

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@poisonedantidocant that’ s normal but in your day to day life it can happen that your family gets hurt in any way. So you cannot say that you are not violent if you take instant measures in those situations. Perhaps you control your violence better without those situations.

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I’d say a big fat zero, I hate confrontation in all it’s hideous forms. That’s not to say I won’t rip your head off & piss down the hole if you even think about criticizing my new fur jacket XD

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I’m a 0 unless you give me a reason to be violent. But even then, I’m only like a 2 or a 3. I’m a lover, not a fighter :)

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I’m a 2, tops. I have a temper but I’m not at all physically violent.

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It seems like most people feel verbal violence is lower on the scale than physical. I find it interesting because on talk shows everywhere people say that verbal abuse is worse than physical. But maybe abuse is not the same as violence?

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Zero (okay, maybe 1) since I will go out of my way to avoid any type of violence activity.

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Excluding videogames and literature: 4

Including: lol, 10 probably.

Explanation: I’m typically very passive, but if someone I love was hurt by someone else, I wouldn’t be opposed to giving them a verbal or more rarely physical beatdown. Additionally, I’m not opposed to using violent or even deadly force to directly defend my own life or the life of another innocent person if I felt they were obviously threatened.

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My bark is usually worse than my bite. I don’t actively see violence out either, and try to do my best in avoiding it.

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I really don’t have a temper problem, I’m not quick to anger at all.. but I love violent games, violent movies, my favorite sport is boxing, and I’ll take any excuse to throw a couple of punches. So I’m not sure. Is it possible to not be a fan of hate and anger, but to still enjoy a good natured fight?
Also, as mentioned above, if you hurt one of my loved ones or back my into a corner I will fight my way out. Mercilessly.

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1. I don’t dig violence, at all, but I can be verbally mean if provoked.

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My verbal temper ranges anywhere from 6–50.
Actual physical violence? It’s non-existent. The only time I ever raised my fist was to fight back against a bully in high school. And it took a lot of provoking for me to fight back.

I will add that I would definitely be a 10 on the violence should anyone ever hurt one of my children.

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Zero, nada, zilch, none,

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I hate violence. I think it’s stupid and it doesn’t help solve any problems whatsoever. It is a complete failure of imagination and self-control. Utterly childish.

The last time I let myself resort to it, I was very irritable due to a mental condition, and it came out without me thinking. I was instantly ashamed and I just left home and went on a long walk to try to figure out what was going on with me. I came to the conclusion I didn’t belong there (at home). If only I had known at the time what that was a symptom of.

Were it not for that, I think I’d be a 0. But I have to put myself at 0.5.

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Like a seven?
I’m mostly violent in my mind. I usually don’t hit anyone. Although I have been in a few fist fights.
I mostly just THINK about hurting people, and don’t really do it.

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@AshLeigh if I was to take into consideration what takes place in my mind sometimes I would be a 10 one hundred percent.

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I love heavyweight boxing so I guess I can’t be a zero after all. :/ I could be a 2; not sure, really.

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Let’s go with a 5. I have a horrible temper and acid tongue when provoked but rarely let myself act out. The times I do act out are pretty bad though. When strangers put their hands on me and I’m injured or out of sorts then I go bat-shite physically violent, often not much aware of myself.

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Maybe a 1. There are some things that make me very angry, but I tend to turn my anger inward and give myself a stomach ache. I’ve never been in a fight and would be more likely to run away and hide and call the police. I’m small too, so I could never win in a fight, but the idea of striking anyone seems completely counter-productive to me.

Although there is a boss that I used to have, in which I have thought many times over the years, that If I saw him get run over by a car, I would not care and I would not try to prevent it from happening. Most of my co-workers are in agreement and one even went so far as to say that he would actually run this guy down himself, if he ever saw him again, and make sure that there was nothing left but a grease spot. I had to applaud that.

I’m pretty patient too and don’t mind listening to friends, aquaintences and total strangers prattle on endlessly. I just throw in a couple of mmm-hmms and oh’s every now and then. I enjoy good (even long winded) conversations, but I don’t like confrontational angry conversations and I don’t like being around mean or angry people.

Hearing people yell at me or their kids or their pets or their spouses or at customer service people makes me sick.

I don’t like getting bad service, but I’m one of the few people that will stand in a line endlessly, wait and wait and wait for someone to wait on me, and put up with snotty and snippy behavior from sales people, waiters and customer service people on the phone. I don’t like it, but yelling or screaming has never made it any better, or faster or more pleasant. If someone has been exceptionally egregious, I might take it up with their supervisor in a letter or a phone call.

And I’m one of the few people that I know that doesn’t mind sitting in grid-locked traffic situations. I love listening to the radio, so I just do that instead of venting and going into road rage. It’s just not worth it. I used to have a job that was 50 miles, one way from my house. I was often in traffic, one way, for 2 or more hours. You either get used to it, or you get a gun. I discovered a cooking show on the radio! Yea for me!

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Depending on how my day is going between 0 & 10, I’m quite quick tempered in the wrong company…. :-/
But very mellow with more agreeable types….. Don’t rattle my cage & I won’t demolish
yours :-/

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Probably a 2 or a 3. If I’m cooking and things go wrong, I might swear or throw a fork into the sink. Because the fork deserved it, of course! If I’m PMS, my verbal road rage goes up. I won’t tailgate or cut someone off, but I will curse them out as I’m driving. I won’t hit anyone, except in self-defense. Though I used to whack my ex in the arm if he was being a jerk.

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What are “psychological abuse”, “structural violence” and “symbolic violence”?

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Pretty low, 1 or 2. I have a very bad temper, can get raging mad in a heartbeat, but I’ve never hurt anyone because of it. I threw a plate at my husband one time, but it didn’t hit him, so I guess that doesn’t count. I was horribly embarrassed after the fact and really mad at myself.

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Online and generally I feel I would rate maybe a 1+. Sometimes when my hormones are out of whack, or I miss my medications I can and have been pretty bad.

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haha well now if I showed how angry….Hmm…give me like an 18 I swear to god…if I showed…bodies would be laying motionless with a river of blood…But….Meh…I guess I can say…I’m a…..5? I never had-....Okay maybe a little physical abuse, and some bullying…But now I’m starting to think “I’ll kick your ass whatever way I can.” So yep…I can’t really say though…I’ll probably respond back against once the answer comes more clearly..

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Thanks for replies.

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If we’re just counting the things you’ve listed, it’s at most a 1.

If we’re talking about all kinds of violence, I’m a 4 or 5. I have a relationship with violence and killing that I consider an extremely important foundation for my ethics, based on whether or not that killing is promoting or hurting freedom and living landbases. In a sense, it’s selected violence to minimize violence and suffering.

Or to quote a character from a novel “I don’t mind violence, it’s cruelty I can’t stand.”

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Generally I am a 1 or 2, but because of the Pheo, and if I am off schedule with my meds I have lapsed into blind rages where I might be counted as an 11. Back when I could get about, it wouldn’t take much to touch me off and be actually dangerous. I am very ashamed of this, but to my knowledge I haven’t hurt anyone. My wife says I have tried but my son (who is bigger than I am) restrained me and forced me away. Somehow he knows how to talk me down. I don’t have direct knowledge as I rarely remember what happened, only the first couple of seconds before ignition and as I am coming down. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten that excited and I am basically isolated from sources of irritation, and road rage is no longer possible. When I have the ‘power surge’ now, I basically just yell obscenities and throw stuff.
Clinically, my blood pressure has reached 205/160 and pulse of 140 during these spells. At least two of my nine TIA’s can be traced to these attacks.

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