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Does anyone know how many miles a 2001 Nissan Maxima can run after the gas light turns on?

Asked by MerMaidBlu (416points) May 12th, 2011

I’ll need to be able to drive 15 miles and restart the next morning and drive another 5 to the gas station…have 1 gallon of gas left. By the way-I hear gas prices are going to be reducing a little in a few weeks…woo hoo!

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I wouldn’t risk it. I would highly recommend stopping for a gallon of gas or two in the meantime. Running out of gas can cause serious mechanical problems in some cars. I’m not saying it will in yours, but it can in some.

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Until it coughs and you’re on the side of the road… Stop and get gas.

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It depends on how many times you start it, the traffic and terrain in between, how much is really still in there, etc.
In theory, it’s 19 MPG in the city, and 25 on the highway.

As @hawaii_jake wrote, don’t risk it. Buy another gallon.

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I can give you an example of my Toyota Solara. See if you can calculate your answer, based on my figures.

When my gas light comes on, I have two gallons of gasoline in reserve. My car averages 31 mpg, so thats 62 miles, in a safety margin, to locate a gas station.

Find your cars manual and check the amount of gasoline your tank holds and take it from there.

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If it is 4.10 now, and 3.90 next week… you save 3 bucks assuming you buy 15 gallons of gas.

Is the 3 bucks worth risking actually running out of gas? Are you that cash strapped you cant afford an extra $3 dollars? Why cant you stop tonight?

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The last two vehicles had a gallon in reserve. If you do the math shade it to the conservative side. You got two starts in there and cars don’t hit optimal mileage until they get warmed up. I’d take the time to get some gas before trying that. What’s the potential upside versus the potential downside?

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According to my calculations… you need to get some gas!

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Thank you to those who actually put forth thought into my question. Rest of you guys…economy sucks…believe it or not I actually have enough common sense to realize when to put gas in my car, however, I use my vehicle for work without a fuel allowance and lets just say paycheck doesn’t arrive until tomorrow and I think a homeless guy has more money in his pocket than I do UNTIL tomorrow. Obviously, buying a gallon of gas is not an option until tomorrow.

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If the light just came on then you should have no problems going 15 miles unless you drive like a jackass. I wouldn’t try for more than 20 though, just to be safe.

How much of a reserve you have when the light comes on varies between cars, even those of the same model. However, it is never less than a gallon.

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It varies dramatically from car to car. I’ve had some that couldn’t go more than maybe 10 miles after the light came on. My last car could make it a solid 30 or so miles after the light came on. My current car can go nearly another 100 after the light comes on.

The only way you’ll probably find out what it is for your car is A) Searching the internet… or B) Since it can vary from car to car of the same model based on various factors, run it out of fuel purposely and read the amount of miles you went since it came on.

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Keep in mind you can buy less than a gallon of gas. If your car gets 30mpg and gas is $4/gallon then you can go 15 miles for $2. If you haven’t got two dollars then God bless you, as they say in the old song.
It sounds like you need to go 15 miles home, then 5 to the gas station- maybe you should just park the car and walk home or take a bus? 15 miles isn’t all that far. Of course you’d then have to do it again in the morning, but you would anyway if you wind up stranded.
Oh well. Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

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I feel it necessary to point out that @koanhead is the only man I know who bought $0.13 worth of gas. This back when gas was $0.79/gallon.. Of course, this was the day after we went about 15 miles in neutral with the engine off, so it’s safe to say that we’ve done some crazy things.

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Did you make it yet or are you stranded still?

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