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How can " Autobiographer " award be earned ?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) May 12th, 2011

I do not fully understand the ” Fill out all the profile text fields. ”

I believe I edited the profile with all… any moderator can help me here ?

Thanks in advance.

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Not a mod, but… I’m not sure if it changed when they took out the ability to add our topics through the profile field, but it use to be just filling out all the profile fields. If the change to the profile fields didn’t affect getting the award, you should be able to get it (once the awards are up and functioning properly) by doing just that (filling out the profile fields).

Right now, there are some awards that are not working (I believe it’s the ones you can only get one time, which this would be), so you wouldn’t get it to show up on your awards list or in the community field right now, even if you did earn it.

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Thank you ^^

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@Seaofclouds But Cake in the Frizzer and Pilgrim are working, and those are one-timers.

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@ladymia69 I’m not 100% sure which ones are working and which ones aren’t to be honest. It may be the other way around, with the one-time awards working and the multiples not working, or it could be some random combination of the two. I just know that there are still some awards for sure that aren’t working, so even if you did complete what you needed to do for some of the awards, you might not get them right now. Also, like I mentioned, I don’t know if the Autobiographer got messed up when they changed how we enter topics and the profile fields. There use to be more profile fields, so it could be a script thing since there were fields back when it was designed that no longer exist. I’m not sure though, so that’s all just speculation on my part.

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I think that the ones that require you to visit daily consecutively aren’t working.

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Look for the new Zen award.

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